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Mozambique Travel Guide

Agoda aims to give travelers an all-inclusive travel experience, and providing up-to-date, detailed information about current travel conditions is part of the package. While we strive to keep Mozambique Travel Requirements and Restrictions as current as possible through a host of reliable resources, travelers should confirm regulations through official government channels.

International Travel

Mandatory curfew in Maputo, provincial capitals, municipalities and towns throughout Mozambique is from midnight to 4:00 am.

Pre-school classes are authorized throughout the country.

Hospital visits are extended to two visitors per patient per day.

Opening of public swimming pools is authorized, not exceeding 50% of maximum capacity.

Opening of theaters, cinemas, game rooms, cultural centers, auditoriums and similar institutions, not exceeding 40% of maximum capacity

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Vaccination Rate: 44% of the population has been fully vaccinated

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Tourist Entry: Allowed

Determine your eligibility for travel

To determine your eligibility for travel, please refer to the following conditions and requirements for Mozambique:

All passengers and crew arriving in the country must:

1. present a certificate proving complete vaccination against SARS COV-2 or proof of a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR) for SARS COV-2, valid for 72 hours on arrival in the country; or

2. perform the Antigen-based Rapid Test upon entry into the country, at their own expense, for those who do not present a certificate proving complete vaccination against SARS COV-2 or a valid PCR test; an

3. citizens with a positive result in paragraph 2) must comply with home isolation, at their own expense, according to the rules of the health authorities.

Children up to 11 years of age are exempt from presenting the COVID-19 test or complete vaccination certificate when entering the national territory.

All passengers and crew with symptoms, regardless of age, arriving in the country must be tested for COVID-19 at the point of entry.

The validity of the PCR test for SARS COV-2 is 7 days, counted from the date of sample collection, for citizens of Mozambique or foreign nationality who need multiple entries into the country in a short period of time or who take a short trip abroad.

Individuals with SARS COV-2 infection or COVID-19 are subject to the following regime:

1. mandatory home isolation of 7 days, if they do not have medical criteria for admission: or

2. institutional isolation or internment in an appropriate health facility for therapeutic purposes, if they have medical criteria for internment defined by the competent authorities; and

3. the criteria for discharge from isolation are defined by the Ministry that oversees the area of health.

Quarantine not required when presenting a valid negative test result.

Entry to Mozambique is allowed to all travelers with a valid tourist, business or residency visa.

The issuing of border visas for tourism purposes has now resumed.

Travelers arriving in Mozambique must:

Present a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 72 hours before departure.

The test must have been issued in the departure country.

Travelers will not have to quarantine when presenting a valid negative test result.

Domestic travel

On April 20, Mozambique ended its State of Calamity, which was brought in due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most restrictions have been dropped and the curfew has been lifted.

Masks continue to be mandatory in all closed venues and public transport.

Most shopping centres, markets, restaurants, cafes and bars are open, with No restrictions on timings.

There may be more restrictions in place locally.

Spectators are allowed in sports games and championships.

Public beaches are now open. Swimming pools, gyms and other areas for physical training activities are now open.

All religious services are now permitted.

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