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Pattaya Travel Guide


Interested in traveling to Pattaya, Thailand, with your pet to make the trip even better? Thailand is a pet-friendly country where small dog breeds are particularly popular among the locals. As you walk around Pattaya, you likely will see many street dogs as well as many pet dogs out for a stroll with their owners. However, keep in mind that Thailand has banned the import of Staffordshire terriers and pit bull-type breeds. In general, you’ll have an easier time traveling in Pattaya with your pup if it’s well-behaved and on the smaller side (though larger breeds are also welcome). Best of all, you’ll have quite a few excellent accommodations to choose from. Here is a look at five pet-friendly hotels in Pattaya that we recommend.

Natural Park Resort-Pet friendly hotels in Pattaya

Natural Park Resort

Travelers who want to pamper themselves and their dog should book a stay at Natural Park Resort, a four-star property with easy access to Jomtien Beach and the Pattaya Floating Market. Some of the many perks of this highly rated resort include a 24-hour front desk, a sauna, a spa, massage services, a fitness center, and an indoor swimming pool. The two excellent on-site restaurants offer Asian and American cuisine in a-la-carte and buffet-style dining.

Guests at this property must pay an extra charge per night depending on the weight of their dog as follows: THB500 for pets below 5 kg, THB1,000 for pets between 6 and 10 kg, THB 1,500 for pets between 11 and 15 kg, and THB 2,000 for any pets above 15 kg.

Rabbit Resort-Pet friendly hotels in Pattaya

Rabbit Resort

Rabbit Resort is another stunning resort property with rave reviews from guests noting its cleanliness, comfort, value, and facilities. The sparkling clean accommodations sit right on the doorstep of Jomtien Beach, where you can enjoy views of the ocean from the coffee shop. The on-site restaurant serves international and Thai cuisine as well. Guests and their kids can enjoy two pools, one indoor and one outdoor. When you’re ready to venture out for some sightseeing, the Big Buddha Temple is just minutes away.

Guests at this property must pay an extra charge per night depending on their dog’s weight as follows: THB700 for pets below 15 kg, THB1,500 for pets between 16 and 25 kg, and THB2,000 for any pets above 25 kg.

Long Beach Garden Hotel and Pavilions (SHA Extra plus)-Pet friendly hotels in Pattaya

Long Beach Garden Hotel and Pavilions (SHA Extra plus)

Another four-star property for those who want to travel in style, the Long Beach Garden Hotel and Pavilions (SHA Extra plus) will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after your stay. This hotel is situated in the Wongamat Beach area of Pattaya and even offers guests their own private beach. It’s also just a short distance away from the Sanctuary of Truth Museum. A spa, fitness center, and outdoor swimming pool round out the fantastic amenities you can enjoy.

This property has a dog-friendly garden villa specifically for pet owners and dogs under 10 kg. If your dog weighs more than 10 kg, you must send a picture for consideration beforehand. A second dog is also allowed for a surcharge of THB500 a night.

Sunset Village Beach Resort (SHA Extra Plus)-Pet friendly hotels in Pattaya

Sunset Village Beach Resort (SHA Extra Plus)

A three-star property with its own private beach, Sunset Village Beach Resort (SHA Extra Plus) strives to be your and your pet’s home away from home in Pattaya. This resort is centered around fun, complete with an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, massage services, and even bicycle rentals. Room options include cottages and bungalows right on the beach. Best of all, the on-site Sea Terrace Restaurant serves Thai cuisine and a host of delectable and fresh seafood. Guests describe this property as a friendly place for pets, with areas along the beach and in the forest where you can walk your dog.

Jomtien Hostel-Pet friendly hotels in Pattaya

Jomtien Hostel

If you are traveling to Pattaya with your pet on a budget, consider staying at the Jomtien Hostel. This pet-friendly budget property has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The rooms are clean, spacious, and well-appointed, and guests can take advantage of a fitness center and bicycle rentals. Jomtien Beach is only a hop away, and many fantastic bars and restaurants are located within walking distance.


Best Pet-Friendly Spots in Pattaya

While Pattaya is not known for its off-leash dog parks, it does have plenty of pet-friendly spots where your four-legged friend will be welcome to play and explore. Whether you are looking to relax or to adventure, there’s something for everyone. Here are some public areas and businesses you can visit with your pup so that you can get the most out of your trip.

The beach!

Pattaya may be lacking in dedicated dog parks but just about every beach in Thailand is de facto dog friendly. Just ensure your pup is well-behaved and keep in mind that street dogs may be around as well. If you are looking for a quieter beach where you can hang out with your dog or where your dog can even go for a swim, locals suggest Ban Amphur Beach, located just a short drive south of Pattaya. This beautiful spot with soft sand and calm water is also popular among families with children.

Pattaya Dog Stay

If you want to explore somewhere in Pattaya where you can’t bring your dog along, your furry friend can have a wonderful time at Pattaya Dog Stay while you explore. This dog hostel is a veritable dog paradise, complete with air-conditioned rooms. The property also has a garden area, a dog exercise area, and even a saltwater pool for the pack to cool off in. Pattaya Dog Stay offers dog day care, multi-day dog boarding, and even dog grooming services so that your pal returns to you looking their best.

Pattaya Dog Grooming

Traveling can be stressful for you and your pooch, and one of the best ways to relax is to pamper yourselves a little. One of the top spots to have your pooch pampered in Pattaya is at Pattaya Dog Grooming, a service located right in the city. Some of the grooming services offered at Pattaya Dog Grooming include dog hair cutting, dog showering, and dog nail cutting for small, medium, and large dogs. You can even pick up a comfortable dog bed to bring back to your hotel and ensure a comfortable stay for your pup.

Wisdom Valley

Wisdom Valley is a pet-friendly community located half an hour away from Pattaya and one of the best places in the area to take a trip with your dog. The lush and unspoiled spot sits in a park near Khao Mai Keaw, a large cave system and major attraction in the area. Wisdom Valley includes a walking trail around a lake and an outdoor dining area where you can enjoy a meal with your pup by your side. It is open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is also a lovely spot to watch the sunset.

Mirabel Mini Golf

Mirabel Mini Golf offers a little something for both pets and pet parents. In addition to the 18-hole mini-golf adventure, the property boasts a “bio pool” area where your dog can swim alongside you. Access to the pools is included in the price so you can head over to cool off in the water after a round of golf. It’s one of the most unique spots in Pattaya to visit with your four-legged travel companion.


As a beautiful beach resort city on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular vacation destinations. In fact, Pattaya is one of South Asia’s most popular beach destinations with its golden sands and azure sea. The city attracts vacationers of all types, including families, couples, and groups of friends. Travelers can rely on Agoda to find amazing deals on the best hotels in Pattaya featuring Agoda Special Offers. Discover their services and amenities below.

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shopping in pattaya

Shopping in Pattaya can be a surprisingly rewarding experience, and it’s one that doesn’t necessarily require a wallet full of cash. But you might want to prepare some extra space in your suitcase, or just buy another one to stash your treasures. Shops across the city offer everything from trinkets that you can’t help but buy for yourself or your friends to electronic shops selling the latest in technology. But Pattaya’s malls and markets also offer a slew of entertainment options and unique travel experiences that make it more than a potential money pit.

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Pattaya 3-day itinerary-Featured photo-Thailand

You might think a trip to Pattaya wouldn’t require an itinerary as it isn’t the biggest of cities. But day and night, this coastal getaway is packed with captivating sites and activities. Time can easily slip away among the relaxation and adventure, so having some sort of guide like this 3-day itinerary can ensure you get to do everything you want.

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Featured photo-beach-things to do in Pattaya

From its coastal perch, Pattaya has been a draw to travelers for decades. Perhaps it’s due to being located an easy 2-hour ride from Bangkok. Maybe it’s the sun-soaked beaches and all the fun or relaxation one can have on the sand or in the water. Or maybe it’s the multitude of other things to do in Pattaya that make it such a worthy stop on any itinerary. Whether striking out on your own or taking the family, you are bound to enjoy what you find here.

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Holiday rentals in Pattaya-Feature photo (1200x350) - Jomtien Beach

Vacationing with children requires a great deal of planning, plenty of patience, and a lot of flexibility, particularly when traveling abroad. As families grow, so does the cost of taking everyone on vacation. One of the best ways to keep costs down is to consider holiday rentals in Pattaya. This saves on the cost of accommodations, and since most homestays have kitchens, vacation homes make it possible to eat in, saving both money and time for more family-friendly activities in Pattaya.

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