Shopping in Chiang Mai | Guide to Night Bazaars, Markets & Trendy Malls

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Shopping in Chiang Mai is a fun experience, even for travelers who don’t like to shop! At each of the city’s bazaars and markets, sightseers get a feel for local life, local products and even local food. Chiang Mai malls offer some great shopping and cultural experiences as well. Malls like Central Kad Suan Kaew feature local art galleries, handicrafts and souvenirs shops, not to mention cheap food courts that specialize in delicious Thai food.

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1. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Located in Chiang Mai’s more modern areas and just a short walk from scenic Ping River, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a culmination of everything travelers are looking for during a trip to Thailand. The bazaar’s main shopping area is a quaint covered market situated between Changklan and Thapae roads, but hundreds of shops and stalls spill out into both streets offering shoppers a dizzying array of clothing, accessories, electronics, cosmetics and whatever other souvenirs tourists might want.

Hours: 5 p.m. to midnight daily


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2. Weekend Night Markets

Guests lucky enough to visit Chiang Mai on a weekend will want to catch one of the city’s “walking street” markets. These markets get going about the time the sun goes down and offer everything from antiques and handmade soaps to foot massages and street food!


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3. Warorot Market

Warorot Market is a one-stop shopping spot that is so large and contains so many shops visitors can hire a tour guide to get through it! The market is a hotspot for locals and local business owners as it features complete sections of cheap fabrics, fresh produce, household goods, flowers, tailors and seamstresses, cosmetics and of course, Thai street food! Visitors should allow at least two or three hours to explore Warorot Market. Tourists can venture in on their own or look for a local tour guide. These guides not only give guests a thorough walk through the market and surrounding Chinatown shops and stalls, but they also tell stories about the history of the area and how the market serves the community.

Warorot Market is located on the west bank of Ping River, just north of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, on Chang Moi Road.


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4. Bo-Sang Handicrafts Centre & Umbrella Making Centre

Locally known as San Kamphaeng Handicraft Village and even the “Handicrafts Highway” because of its location along the road in eastern San Kamphaeng District, Bo-Sang Handicrafts Centre is a charming market that features handmade pottery, Thai silk goods and the famous brightly colored paper umbrellas of Northern Thailand. Guests can join hands-on workshops and visit the nearby Umbrella Making Centre to learn the history of the unique art of umbrella making.


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5. Malls in Chiang Mai

There are a few things to be praised about malls in Thailand: they are air-conditioned; they offer everything under one roof; they always have ridiculously good and cheap Thai food. Chiang Mai malls are no different, and visitors should make it a point to visit at least one of the city’s shopping centers. Each of them offer unique experiences in different places in the city, and most are near other attractions you’ll want to see anyway!

Best shopping malls in Chiang Mai


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