Taipei Night Market Guide: 13 Best Bazaars & DIY Food Tours

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The Taipei night market scene is the core of the city’s nightlife, and no visit would be complete without experiencing it for yourself. Just about every city district, from the busy and bustling Daan District to the historic Wanhua District, is home to one or more must-visit markets. Here are 13 of the best night markets in Taipei, as well as how to get to each one by Taipei Metro.

Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Shilin Night Market

1. Taipei Night Market Guide | Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is easily one of the most popular night markets in all of Taiwan. It is located in the Shilin District and has been in operation for more than 100 years. The market is made up of two main sections: the large underground food court and the outdoor merchandise stalls that surround the main market building. Find all manner of clothing, shoes, accessories, and electronics as you soak in the energy of Taipei’s hottest nightlife spot. The array of food available at Shilin Night Market is also truly astounding. Some of the most popular snacks and dishes include oyster omelet, fried chicken fillet, pepper pork bun, deep fried fish balls, and flame grilled beef cubes. Shilin Night Market is a must visit for any traveler.

How to get to Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is easily accessible for tourists. Just take the Red Line 2 to Jiantan Station and leave through Exit 1. Cross the street and follow your nose and the crowds to the nearby market.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Raohe Street Night Market

2. Taipei Night Market Guide | Raohe Street Night Market

Another popular Taipei night market among both locals and visitors, Raohe Street Night Market stretches for almost 2,000 feet along Raohe Street in the Songshan District. It is one of the oldest markets in the district, and its traditional layout makes it easy to explore the market from one end to the other, shopping and eating your way down without missing anything. Among the market’s specialties are oyster noodles, pork feet noodles, bubble tea, herb-steamed spare ribs, and small sausage inside big sausage. You’ll also find all sorts of merchandise here for a great price. On the east end of Raohe Street Night Market sits Songshan Ciyou Temple, a beautiful folk temple dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu that was constructed in 1753.

How to get to Raohe Street Night Market

To reach Raohe Street Night Market, take the Green Line 3 to Songshan Station. Leave through Exit 5 and find the market across the street next to Songshan Ciyou Temple.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Ningxia Night Market

3. Taipei Night Market Guide | Ningxia Night Market

Located in the Datong District, one of the oldest districts in Taipei, Ningxia Night Market has a nostalgic, charming atmosphere that truly sets it apart. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you explore the different stalls that flank the narrow lane, some of which have been in operation for more than 50 years. The north part of the market is home to food vendors, while the south part of the market is where you’ll find shops and arcades. Some of the best snacks to try at Ningxia Night Market are barbecued squid, fish rolls, sesame chicken, and shaved ice desserts. After you’ve had your fill, you can challenge your companions to some old-school games.

How to get to Ningxia Night Market

Take the Red Line 2 to Shuanglian Station. Leave from Exit 1 and head west on Minsheng West Road for about 7 minutes. The Ningxia Night Market entrance will be on your left.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Tonghua Night Market

4. Taipei Night Market Guide | Tonghua Night Market

Tonghua Night Market, also known as Linjiang Night Market, can be found at the intersection of Linjiang Street and Tonghua Street in the Daan District. It is not as commercialized as some of the city’s other markets and is geared more towards local residents than tourists, which makes for a more authentic Taipei night market experience. While you’ll find many daily necessities at an affordable price, where this market really shines is in the food. Some of the market favorites include pork sausages, pan-fried dumplings, squid stew, stinky tofu, pork braised rice, and gua bao (Taiwanese hamburgers). Tonghua Night Market‘s location close to the city center makes for easy access, so you definitely want to make time to check it out.

How to get to Tonghua Night Market

Hop on Red Line 2 and get off at Xinyi Anhe Station. Take Exit 3 out of the Station and head east up Xinyi Road. Make a right on Tonghua Street and walk five blocks to find the Tonghua Night Market entrance.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Gongguan Night Market

5. Taipei Night Market Guide | Gongguan Night Market

Gongguan Night Market is a popular spot among young people as it is located just outside of National Taiwan University in the Gongguan District. It is spread out along Tingzhou Road and the alleyways of Xinsheng South Road. Gongguan Night Market is a paradise for food lovers and food critics. Visitors are spoiled for choice with a large selection of the best street food around. Some of the vendors are so popular that you may have to wait in line for a while. The wait is worth it, however, as the food quality is consistently high. Must try foods include cuttlefish vermicelli and scallion egg pancakes. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try the soft and chewy pig’s blood cake as well.

How to get to Gongguan Night Market

You can reach Gongguan Night Market by taking Green Line 3 to Gongguan Station. The market is located just outside of Exit 4 of the station.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Shida Night Market

6. Taipei Night Market Guide | Shida Night Market

Shida Night Market is located only a mile away from Gongguan Night Market, in the neighboring Shida District. As it is also near National Taiwan University, Shida Night Market has a trendy and casual atmosphere. It is among the most English-friendly areas of Taipei. The market is laid out mainly along Longquan Street, which runs parallel to Shida Road. There is a lot of great and affordable boutique shopping to be had here and some fantastic restaurants and cafes to check out as well. Shida Night Market is not lacking in its street food selection either. While here, make sure you try beef noodle soup and jian bing (Taiwanese egg crepe roll).

How to get to Shida Night Market

Shida Night Market is located close to Taipower Building Station along Shida Road. Take Green Line 3 to the station and leave out of Exit 3 to find Shida Road.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Lehua Night Market

7. Taipei Night Market Guide | Lehua Night Market

Another favorite spot among locals, Lehua Night Market is located in Yonghe District, just over the bridge from central Taipei. Many locals consider it to be the city’s best night market. Unlike traditional single-lane markets, Lehua Night Market is more spacious and easier to navigate. It runs along Yongping Road and various side streets that branch off from the main thoroughfare. You’ll find a great mix of shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and, of course, street food. There are simply too many delicious snacks to sample in one sitting, but make sure you at least try the marlin fish paste on a stick, braised meat vermicelli, and yolk-filled taro balls.

How to get to Lehua Night Market

Take Orange Line 4 and get off at Dingxi Station. Leave from Exit 1 and make a left onto Yonghe Road. After walking for about 10 minutes, the Lehua Night Market will be on your right.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Fu Da Huayuan Night Market

8. Taipei Night Market Guide | Fu Da Huayuan Night Market

Fu Da Huayuan Night Market is fairly new compared to most other night markets in Taipei. It was opened in 2011 near Fu Jen Catholic University in the Xinzhuang District. The market focuses largely on providing stellar food options at an affordable price, and it has become one of the most popular night markets in the city. Make sure you come hungry because Fu Da Huayuan Night Market has an endless array of Taiwanese street food to try, including fried delicacies such as fried squid and fried chicken. You’ll also find some popular international street foods, such as Belgian waffles, Indian samosas, and Japanese skewers.

How to get to Fu Da Huayuan Night Market

Fu Da Huayuan Night Market is a short walk from Fu Jen University Station, which can be reached via the Orange Line Huilong Branch. Leave from Exit 1 and make a right onto Zhongzheng Road Lane 514. Keep walking, continuing on Taili Street, until making a right on Zhongshan Road. The market will be on your left.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market

9. Taipei Night Market Guide | Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market

A small market in the Zhonghe District, Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market is located within Little Burma. It’s a great place to sample Burmese and other types of Southeast Asian cuisine you won’t find elsewhere in the city and a fantastic market to go shopping for some cheap shoes and clothing. Jeans, for example, go for as little as 100NT$. Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market is also well known for having numerous stalls that sell shaved ice. Another market specialty is douhua, a unique tofu pudding dessert with tapioca and peanut toppings.

How to get to Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market

Take Orange Line 4 to Nanshijiao Station. Nanshijiao Xingnan Night Market is conveniently located just outside of Exit 4.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Luzhou Night Market

10. Taipei Night Market Guide | Luzhou Night Market

Located in the Luzhou District a distance away from the core of Taipei, Luzhou Night Market doesn’t see too many tourists and is a great spot to see how the locals live and shop. It is mostly centered on the intersection of Chenggong Road and Desheng Street and is home to two popular temples: the Buddhist Yonglian Temple near the middle of the market and the Daoist Baohe Temple at the market’s edge. Luzhou Night Market is a particularly great place to find authentic Vietnamese food in Taipei.

How to get to Luzhou Night Market

To get to Luzhou Night Market, take Orange Line 4 to Sanmin Senior High School Station and leave from Exit 1. Make a right onto Fuxing Road, followed by a left onto Zhongxiao Road, where you will find the market.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Ximending Shopping District

11. Taipei Night Market Guide | Ximending Shopping District

The Ximending area of the Wanhua District is both a shopping district and a night market. Shops are open before noon but food vendors do not begin selling until the late afternoon. Ximending Shopping District, as the name suggests, is popular among the younger crowd and often called the “Harajuku of Taipei.” This is the place to shop for brand name clothing and accessories, go for a spa day, or sing karaoke. Then, in the evening, you can finish your day by trying a wide array of street food from the vendors that have opened up for the night market.

How to get to Ximending Youth Shopping District

The Ximending Youth Shopping District is located just outside of Ximen Station Exit 6. The station can be reached via Blue Line 5 or Green Line 3.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-

12. Taipei Night Market Guide | Yongkang Street

Yongkang Street is the gourmet cuisine hub of Taipei and a favorite destination among travelers. The street and its lanes and alleys are home to many renowned restaurants, eateries, and cafes. In the evening, the streets are lined with vendors selling all manner of traditional Taiwanese street food as well as the Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and even Western cuisine. You’ll also find many fusion dishes unique to the area. Don’t leave Yongkang Street without trying the market’s most famous dessert: mango snowflake ice. This refreshing and juicy twist on traditional shaved ice will satisfy any sweet tooth.

How to get to Yongkang Street

Take either Orange Line 4 or Red Line 2 to Dongmen Station. Both Exit 4 and Exit 5 lead out into the Yongkang Street shopping area.

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Taipei night market-shopping-Japan-Sanhe Night Market

13. Taipei Night Market Guide | Sanhe Night Market

Sanhe Night Market is a smaller market that caters more to locals, offering a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Taipei‘s more commercialized areas. It is located along Zhongyang North Road in the Sanchong District. If you’re staying in or passing through the area, then Sanhe Night Market is definitely worth checking out. The narrow road is lined with a good mix of stalls selling unique food and merchandise. As this is a pedestrian market, you won’t have to worry about cars or too many motorcycles as you browse the different vendors.

How to get to Sanhe Night Market

To find Sanhe Night Market, take Orange Line 4B to Taipei Bridge Station and follow the signs to the market, which is just a short walk north from the station.

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