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From modern malls to historic markets, Tainan contains all the elements for an epic shopping spree. The best thing about Tainan shopping spots is that many places are centrally located, so it’s easy to hop from one shopping center to the next! Guests who prefer international and luxury shopping will find plenty of modern malls and department stores in the West Central District and local markets in the historic Anping District.

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Central Shopping District

Travelers making a stop at Tainan Station will find themselves in the heart of Tainan’s shopping district surrounded by modern malls and the city’s most popular department stores. Most shops in the commercial district are within walking distance from one another on busy streets like Beimen Road and Minzu Road. Woven in back alleys and quaint lanes between the main roads, shoppers will find an endless selection of local boutiques, specialty stores and souvenir shops.

Shopping Malls in Central Shopping District


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Anping Old Street

The first named street in Taiwan is now home to some of the best local shopping in Tainan. Anping Old Street sits beside Anping Old Fort and is recognized as the first street built by Dutch colonists. Originally constructed for pedestrians, the narrow street now serves as a bustling market district featuring local wares, souvenirs and traditional foods. Visitors also can admire the architecture of centuries-old shophouses and walkways.


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Guohua Street

Located in the Yongkang District on the east side of the city, Guohua Street is a narrow lane oozing with charm and packed with activity. The most popular reason to visit Guohua Street is to eat, but visitors will be pleased with the number of local boutiques and shops along the road. The area is super busy, with motorbikes and delivery trucks zooming in and out of the lane, so visitors can expect an authentic local experience with tons of excitement!


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Nanmen Weekend Flower Market

Also known as Southgate Holiday Flower Market, Nanmen Weekend Flower Market is a fun way to explore the region’s flora and fauna without taking a trek through the wilderness. The wonderful aroma alone is worth paying a visit! Orchids and banzai trees are two specialties of the market, but guests will find all kinds of fresh flowers, gardening supplies and gorgeous arrangements while browsing the aisles. The market also hosts several food booths and vendors selling souvenirs and local handicrafts.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday


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Night Markets in Tainan

There’s nothing more cultural and fun than visiting a bustling night market in Asia! Tainan is home to several quality night markets, and each holds its own charm and unique products. Most markets are not open daily, so tourists will need to check hours before heading out to shop.

  • Ta-Tung (Dadong) Night Market – this market located in East District contains a flurry of food stalls, massage stands and souvenir shops. Ta-Tung Night Market is open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
  • Wusheng Night Market – set in West Central District near Tainan’s commercial district, Wusheng Night Market is a gamer’s playground. Visitors will find gaming stalls surrounded by vendors selling street food, clothing, shoes and accessories. The market is open from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Garden Night Market – billed as the largest night market in the country, Garden Night Market is packed with street vendors and gaming booths. Visitors should go hungry and take advantage of the vast amount of Taiwanese delicacies found in the area. Garden Night Market is sometimes called Hua Yuan Night Market or Tainan Flower Night Market and is open from 5 p.m. to midnight Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


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