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Tainan City is the oldest city in Taiwan. Established by the Dutch East India Company in the early 1600s, the city enjoys special municipality status today and is renowned for its historic and cultural attractions. Of course, people have lived in the area of the city for thousands of years. Today, Tainan attracts throngs of visitors to its popular tourist attractions. While the city features a wide range of upscale hotels and resorts, it’s also home to a charming array of minsu that offer guests a more locally immersive experience in a homelike atmosphere. Travelers should visit Agoda to book minsu stays in Tainan City as well as hotels in other destinations around the world.


Tainan City Overview

Tainan City is one of Taiwan’s cultural hotspots with its historic attractions and distinctive cuisine and traditions. The city’s culinary traditions reflect a global influence that’s far more cosmopolitan than one finds in the rest of Taiwan. The city’s cultural heritage is also reflected by its diverse array of shrines and temples as well as its museums and shops. Visitors to Tainan City also love exploring its natural attractions like its pristine parks. Night markets are also popular with locals as well as visitors to the city.

Minsu stay in Tainan city

Minsu Stays in Tainan City

Increasingly, travelers find that residing in a traditional guesthouse known as a minsu offers a culturally immersive travel experience–more than a conventional hotel can provide them. Many minsu in Tainan City are owned by families. Most feature less than 10 rooms and have small but dedicated staff. The following minsu venues are among some of the city’s most popular properties. Travelers book with Agoda to find minsu facilities that suit their needs and budgets.

Purple Flower House

Purple Flower House

With a name like ‘Purple Flower,’ one would expect this minsu to be beautiful in design–and it doesn’t disappoint. This minsu features airy and spacious rooms that are decorated with lovely furnishings like carved beds and sumptuous rugs. If there wasn’t such a sweet and welcoming ambience present in each room, one might be tempted to compare this minsu to a boutique hotel. Purple Flower House also features amenities such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, an attractive family room, and a game room. This 3-star property is conveniently located near many Tainan attractions, including the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Lin Mo-Niang Memorial Park, and Anping Kaitai Tianhou Temple.

White Deer Poem

White Deer Poem

A delightful 3-star property, White Deer Poem brims with minsu hospitality and comfort. White Deer Poem manages to combine modern style with relaxed ambience. Guests are sure to love its beautifully decorated interiors, spacious rooms, and lovely views. Meticulously cleaned and operated by attentive staff, the minsu also boasts stunning views of the surrounding area and offers free Wi-Fi. There are many landmarks and attractions located near this minsu that include Anping Tree House, National Anping Harbor Historic Park, Anping Old Street, and Sunset Platform.

Min sheng Art homestay

Min Sheng Art Homestay

Featuring a boutique hotel atmosphere, Min Sheng Art Homestay, not surprisingly, boasts a truly artful setting with its colorful glass features and vibrant-hued walls as well as its thoughtful decor. Min Sheng Art Homestay is a 3-star property that’s as sophisticated as it is comfortable. Guests will find spacious rooms that are filled with clean furnishings and fresh linens. Many of the rooms boast large windows that offer views of the bustling street. This minsu offers amenities like free Wi-Fi, shared kitchen, and inviting public areas. It’s conveniently located near Tainan attractions like the Tainan Art Museum, Chimei Museum, and the Holiday Flower Market.

Moon 2 Tainan

Moon 2 Tainan

Moon 2 Tainan offers home-away-from-home comfort with its inviting atmosphere, terrace views, and simple decor. This minsu features various room sizes to accommodate families, couples, or traveling singles. Each room features cozy bedding as well as plenty of natural light. Guests will enjoy free Wi-Fi in all rooms as well as a convenient car-park and daily cleaning. Moon 2 Tainan is located near some of the city’s most popular attractions such as Anping Fort, Confucius Temple, and Anping Canal. The Yonghua Night Market is also located nearby and is popular with minsu guests.

Admiring Island

Admiring Island

Modern and sophisticated yet warm and inviting, Admiring Island offers guests a lovely atmosphere to return to after a day of sightseeing. The minsu features gorgeous interiors with real wood accents and dazzling views. Each room features ultra-comfortable bedding and cozy bedding. Some rooms feature flat screen televisions and lounge areas. The minsu’s public spaces are beautifully stylish and complemented by plants and ample seating. Admiring Island is situated near some of the city’s best-loved landmarks like Anping Tree House, Eternal Golden Castle, and Ten Drum Culture Village.

Tainan Little Day

Tainan Little Day

Artfully decorated, Tainan Little Day is a 3-star property offering spacious public lounging areas and comfortably furnished private rooms. The minsu features a game room as well as Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas. There are kid-friendly rooms as well as rooms with flat screen televisions. Guests are sure to feel welcomed in the minsu’s cheerful environment. There are also many attractions and landmarks located near Tainan Little Day, including Chikan Tower, Anping Fort, and Lanshai Cultural and Creative Park.


Things to Do in Tainan City

Tainan City has no shortage of attractions to see. With so much to see and do, some visitors may find it challenging to fit it all into their travel itineraries. The following are some of must-see attractions that are popular with tourists:

Anping Fort

Anping Fort is a historic Tainan City attraction that was constructed during the 1620s. Today, the fort is a museum and also the site of numerous markets and activities. The best time to visit the fort is on weekends when the atmosphere is at its liveliest.

Chikan Tower

Constructed in 1653 by Dutch settlers, Chikan Tower boasts Fujianese pavilions and architectural accents that underscore its distinctive appearance. One of the most popular landmarks in the city, Chikan Tower attracts many tourists who climb to its top to enjoy majestic views of the surrounding setting.

Golden Beach

Outdoor lovers head to Golden Beach to enjoy its long stretches of sand and water sports like kitesurfing. The beach is often the site of soccer matches and volleyball games as well as people simply relaxing in the sun. There are also many cafes and coffee shops located near this area of the coast.

National Museum of Taiwan History

Anyone interested in Taiwan’s history should visit the National Museum of Taiwan History in Tainan. The museum’s collections are arranged in exhibitions in a three-story building. The museum is home to more than 60,000 artifacts that span the island’s history from prehistory to the present.

Hayashi Department Store

There are two main reasons that visitors to Tainan should check out the Hayashi Department Store. First, it’s a premier shopping venue in the city. Second, it features unique shrine ruins located on its rooftop. There’s also a cafe on the rooftop where guests can enjoy a cup of tea after a morning or afternoon of shopping.

Shennong Street

Lantern-strewn Shennong Street is one of the most famous streets in Tainan City. The bustling street is home to shops, cafes, restaurants, and temples. Many travelers enjoy ducking in and out of the various venues that line the busy street.

Visitors to Tainan City will want to make a point to visit its night market and diverse restaurants to discover its unique food culture. The city’s parks are also postcard-worthy settings where vacationers can relax after a day of sightseeing. Travelers who plan to visit Tainan City can book a stay at a cheerful minsu with Agoda. Check out Agoda to find minsu or hotels all across Taiwan. Agoda makes it easy for travelers to learn about hotels and book their stay in destinations all over the globe.

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