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Kinmen Travel Guide


Kinmen, which means Golden Gate, is often viewed as the gateway to Taiwan. Controlled by the government of Taiwan, Kinmen is a small island in the Taiwan Strait located between Taiwan and mainland China. The island is often referred to as Kinmen City, but the county of Kinmen is actually made up of several islets. Home to traditional Min buildings, Kinmen has become a popular tourist destination. Many visitors to Kinmen prefer to reside at minsu accommodations rather than high-rise or luxury hotels. Minsu offers travelers a more culturally authentic and immersive experience. Similar to small inns or B&Bs, minsu feature fewer rooms than hotels (usually 5 to 10) and fewer staff members.

If you want to find out what it’s like to live like a local in Kinmen City, consider reserving a minsu stay with Agoda. Many of the Kinmen’s best minsu are conveniently located near scenic sites and popular attractions. You can also rely on Agoda to book your accommodations throughout Taiwan.

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