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As one of the largest cities in Taiwan, Kaohsiung City is a major port city on Taiwan’s southern coast. Home to more than 2.7 million residents, the city brims with things to see and do. Travelers rely on Agoda to find both luxury and budget-friendly hotels in countries all over the world, including Taiwan. Many travelers have opted to book their stay at a traditional Taiwanese minsu where they can immerse themselves in the local ambience of the region while remaining conveniently close to the best area attractions. Finding minsu in Kaohsiung City is easy when you book with Agoda. Find incredible deals on hotels and minsu all over the country simply by searching Agoda’s vast database.

Minsu Stays in Kaohsiung City-Taiwan

Kaohsiung City Overview

With its stunning cityscape, it’s no wonder that Kaohsiung City is a major tourist destination. Not only is it situated on a picturesque stretch of the South China Sea; it also borders Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range. Vacationers flock to the city to enjoy these natural attractions. Kaohsiung City is also home to a myriad of cultural attractions and historic sites.

Historically, the city grew from a small fishing village, Takao, which means “bamboo forest.” Kaohsiung City is still known for its forested landscapes and beautiful parks that contain walking and biking trails. On the other hand, the city is one of Taiwan’s largest ports, so it witnesses an extensive level of commerce with people visiting from all over the world for business as well as pleasure. Having become a vibrant metropolis, Kaohsiung City boasts diverse industry, a vibrant art and music scene, and exciting city festivals that draw tourists and locals alike.

Minsu Stays in Kaohsiung City-Taiwan

Minsu Stays in Kaohsiung City

Many travelers to Taiwan choose to book their stay at locally operated minsu for a more authentic Taiwanese cultural experience. Kaohsiung City’s minsu homestays offer guests a welcoming atmosphere complemented by a home-like setting. Unlike hotels that tend to be more corporate and less personalized, minsu inns provide a more personable stay. Many guests enjoy taking their meals at their minsu and relaxing in its courtyard or terrace. The city’s minsu are each unique, which underscores their individual charm. The following are some of the city’s most renowned minsu:

A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen

Stylishly elegant, A Touch of Zen is a popular minsu guesthouse located in the Zuoying District. Brimming with Mid-Century charm and architectural accents, this minsu provides guests with an attractive setting where they can relax between their sightseeing excursions. Each room includes air conditioning and an electric teapot. However, there’s also a shared kitchen that’s open to guests. Each room is outfitted with comfort in mind with clean and cozy bedding.

A Touch of Zen features a terrace and outdoor courtyard where guests can enjoy their morning breakfast or evening tea. This minsu is also conveniently located near Zuoying Station as well as many area attractions such as Lotus Pond, the Spring and Autumn Pavilion, Dragon Tiger Tower, and the National Stadium.

Zuoying military vilage guest house

Zuoying Military Village Guest House

Delightfully ‘home-like,’ Zuoying Military Village Guest House is a charming minsu with airy rooms and a free Wi-Fi. Its ivy-covered exterior and central courtyard underscore its traditional regional ambience. Rooms are clean, airy, and bright, and there’s also air conditioning. Many rooms feature televisions and views of the courtyard or surrounding area. There’s also a kitchen that’s available for guests to use.

Guests of the Zuoying Military Village Guest Housewill find many nearby attractions to enjoy such as the celebrated Lotus Pond, Cijin Island, and the Rueifong Night Market. The Kaohsiung International Airport is less than 20 miles away as an added convenience for travelers.

ZYIN Homestay

ZYIN Homestay

For a genuinely home-like stay, visitors choose ZYIN Homestay, a three-star property located in the Zuoying District. This minsu provides air conditioning and free wi-fi. Its rooms are clean and spacious, and some include refrigerators and teapots. Fresh linens are provided as well.

ZYIN Homestay features relaxing lounging areas as well as outdoor seating. Staff sanitize guest rooms between stays. There are also some kid-friendly spaces where children can play. Guests of the minsu will find themselves conveniently located near some of the city’s most popular attractions such as Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall, the Dome of Light, Wannianxian Park, and Lotus Pond.

Pho Tau Home Base

Pho Tau Home Base

A 3-star property, Pho Tau Home Base offers all the basic amenities that budget-minded tourists look for in a minsu. Reminiscent of travel hostels, the minsu features comfortable bedding, air conditioning, and free wi-fi. Along with its cozy atmosphere, Pho Tau Home Base offers guests access to its kitchen and patio. There is also an onsite washing machine that guests can use.

When staying at this minsu, guests will find many nearby attractions like the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Rueifong Night Market, Tianfu Palace, and National Stadium. Public transportation stops are also located nearby.

Minsu Stays in Kaohsiung City-Taiwan

Things to Do in Kaohsiung City

Travelers who plan to visit Kaohsiung City will find a wide range of attractions to visit and activities to enjoy. From the mountains to the sea, the natural features of the area are attractions in their own right. Many people who visit this coastal city will want to include the following attractions when creating their travel itinerary:

Cijin Island

One of Kaohsiung City’s most popular destinations, Cijin Island features sunkissed sandy beaches, temples, and seafood restaurants. Popular with both locals and tourists, the island is the perfect place for swimming, strolling along the water’s edge, or exploring its Old Street that’s filled with cafes and shops.

Lotus Pond

Easily one of the city’s best-loved attractions, Lotus Pond is actually a man-made attraction. The lake is filled with picturesque lotus blooms. There are many ornate temples like the Spring and Autumn Pavilions located on the lake’s banks.

Old City

The Old City of Zuoying is a must-explore part of the city with its historic attractions. View the city’s ancient fortified walls or stroll along its brick-covered streets. The Old City is home to attractions like Lotus Pond but also others including botanical gardens and the Kaohsiung Confucius Temple.

Liuhe Night Market

Visitors flock to the Liuhe Night Market to enjoy its vibrant ambience. Filled with a myriad of food and merchandise vendors, the market is a fun place to explore. Visitors can find everything from traditionally made handicrafts to cutting edge electronics. It’s the perfect place to find a souvenir.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Travelers who are interested in Taiwan’s rich culture will want to visit the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, which is famous for its collections of sculpture and calligraphy. In addition to its many art-filled galleries, the museum also contains an art library and features tours for the public.

With its wealth of cultural and natural attractions, it’s no wonder that Kaohsiung City attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Kaohsiung City features a myriad of upscale hotels, but travelers in search of more authentic minsu can book a stay using Agoda’s convenient booking platform. Agoda makes booking hotels all over the globe easy. Find everything from budget-friendly minsu to world-class luxury hotels and book using your cellphone or other connective device.

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