2-Day Sokcho-si Itinerary | Top Popular Activities for a Weekend Excursion

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Sokcho-si, on the northeastern coast of South Korea, is a lovely place for a weekend getaway, and a 2-day Sokcho-si itinerary lends ample time to experience the region’s top attractions. Many visitors head to Sokcho to hike in Seoraksan National Park, and some go exclusively for Sokcho Beach. With a lengthy list of religious sites, historic landmarks and outdoor hot spots, travelers can experience even more things to do in Sokcho!

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Getting Around Sokcho-Si

For a small city, Sokcho-si is rather spread out. Getting from the north part of the city to the south part of Sokcho can be accomplished by bus, as can getting to Seoraksan National Park. Tourists will need to use taxis to get around town. Some areas, like the neighborhood near Sokcho Beach, can be explored on foot.


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Day 1 Sokcho-si Itinerary: Explore Sokcho-si Highlights

Because Sokcho-si is a smaller city, tourists can pack a lot of activities into one day. Those who are visiting Sokcho-si on a whirlwind vacation can see most top sites at a relatively casual pace, but travelers who aren’t in a hurry can really slow down, enjoy the views and maybe even tack an extra day onto the itinerary!

  • Seoraksan National Park – Visitors who want to hike in Seoraksan National Park should block out a whole day for this activity, but for those who just want to say, “Been there. Done that,” a quick cable car ride should suffice. Seoraksan Cable Car takes guests up and over some of the most revered territory in South Korea. The park is home to thousands of rare plant and animal species, which landed it a permanent spot as a UNESCO Biosphere Protection Site. Seoraksan Cable Car lets passengers off at Sinheungsa, an ancient Buddhist temple built on a scenic mountain slope, and the ancient ruins of Gwongeumseong Fortress. Adventurists can trek numerous hiking trails in the park, and places like Geumganggul Cave are fun to explore as well.
  • Sinheungsa temple – Whether sightseers hike to Sinheungsa temple or ride the cable car to get there, this is one attraction in Sokcho-si that can’t be missed. Not only is the history of this 7th-century Buddhist temple incredible, but so is the view! The temple sports a 1,400-year-old temple bell, as well as a three-story stone pagoda.
  • Abai Village – Located at the port in Cheongho-dong, Abai Village is a long-standing symbol of Korean history. The village is comprised mainly of refugees who escaped North Korea’s Hemgyeong Province during the Korean War. Besides wandering through the quaint streets and soaking up the 1970s feel of the area, visitors are invited to take a hand-pulled ferry ride and taste the region’s specialty blood sausage, Abai-sundae. The village ferry leaves from Gaetbae Dock several times a day, and the ride onto the mainland only takes about five minutes. The experience, however, can’t be topped! The ferry operates on a cable line, and passengers get the privilege of “pulling” the boat across the water.
  • Sokcho Beach – also an activity that could be stretched into a full day, Sokcho Beach features clean sands, local food and even quick access to Seoraksan National Park, for those who just want a quick snapshot of the waves. Jo Island (Jodo) also is a popular fishing destination. Boat trips to the island can be booked with any boat driver at Sokcho Beach.


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Day 2 Sokcho-si Itinerary: Discover More Can’t-Miss Attractions

Any Day 1 activities that didn’t get crossed off the list can, of course, be included on the second day’s plan, but those who toured Sokcho-si like a rock star and saw all the best things to see in one day can branch into some super fun, yet less-crowded, destinations.

  • Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory – The best place to enjoy a panoramic view of Sokcho-si is at Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory. Sunrise is the most popular time for photographers, but the view of Sokcho-si, Seorak Mountain and the Sea of Japan is stunning any time of the day. Sokcho Lighthouse Observatory is located along Sokcho’s coast, between Yeongnangho and Cheongchoho, two of the only lakes in South Korea formed by the Sea of Japan. Guests can borrow a pair of binoculars upon arrival to get a better view of the area.
  • Teddy Bear Farm – an interactive museum with the cutest twist ever, Teddy Bear Farm tells the history of Sokcho through cultural displays featuring teddy bears. The bears depict several scenes, like squid fishing and mountain climbing, through adorable displays in one gallery. Another gallery allows visitors to take snapshots with giant teddy bears, and still another section features an outdoor garden with live rabbits. Teddy Bear Farm is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Admission is 5,000 KRW (4.25 USD).
  • Daepohang Fish Market – located at Daepo Port, this landmark market features some of the freshest seafood in town. Not only can guests choose from a mind-boggling number of live fish, but they can have their food cooked for them on the spot. Daepohang Fish Market is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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