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Singapore‘s fantastic Changi Airport (SIN) is unique among airports. Three of the four airport terminals are connected by the Jewel, a massive garden full of live plants and bridges as well as entertainment, shops, and restaurants. Changi Airport Singapore is a busy international airport with millions of travelers passing through, and it also is packed with things to do and see.

Changi Airport-The Jewel (Forest Valley)

The Jewel

The Jewel at Singapore’s Changi Airport, is a spectacular public centerpiece featuring an indoor waterfall and canopy walkways. Inside, Forest Valley is filled with a terraced tropical garden with mazes and elevated bouncing and walking nets in an area called Canopy Park. The 10-story complex has a transparent glass roof allowing in natural light for plants – and humans. The Jewel is not in the secured area and is open to the general public as well as travelers. The complex has shops, restaurants and a cinema. It is connected to Terminals 1, 2, and 3, while passengers coming in from Terminal 4 can connect by shuttle.

Shiseido Forest Valley

The heart and lungs of the Jewel is Shiseido Forest Valley, a refreshing central garden filled with tranquil greenery and plants. A 130-foot high waterfall pours from the center of the roof and alternates between cascading mist and falling water. The waterfall and glass-domed roof are illuminated by light shows after dark. Walkways and hedges fill the garden, and the SkyBridge (Canopy Bridge) offers bird’s-eye views of the garden. A giant slide will keep people of all ages entertained, and the bouncing nets in Canopy Park provide an active level of excitement. Look for the cute flower sculptures scattered around Canopy Park, as well as art installations.

Changi Airport-Dining

Dining at Changi Airport

An airport the size of Changi can be expected to have a wide variety of food and beverage options, and it does not disappoint. Travelers will find fast food counters and quick-service kiosks as well as sit-down dining in the public and transit areas of all the terminals. Check out the Jewel for fast and familiar dining options in a unique and vibrant setting.

Food & Beverages

Changi Airport‘s central Jewel complex has plenty of tasty food and beverage options. It is home to hundreds of food and beverage retailers including both international chains and local favorites. Visitors will find quick-service counters as well as sit-down dining options with traditional, halal, and vegetarian choices. Food and beverage vendors can be found in all the terminals as well as in the Jewel complex.

Shake Shack

This famous New York burger chain has a fan-favorite menu of classic burgers, hot dogs, sweet desserts, and thick shakes. The Jewel location stretches over 2 levels and also carries branded Shake Shack merchandise.

Beauty in the Pot

This local favorite restaurant is located on level B2 of the Jewel and serves up classic Asian hot pot meals. The comfort food menu from this chain establishment includes whimsical tofu dishes, and the restaurant stays open all night – perfect for visitors on a layover. There is luggage storage space available also.

Shang Social

For an international foodie experience stop in to Shang Social and taste a variety of Chinese regional cuisines. The menu is enormous with over 100 dishes and includes traditional Cantonese, Sichuan, and Huaiyang flavors. The critically-acclaimed and stylish sit-down restaurant is located in Jewel on Level 1.

Changi Airport-Cinemas

Changi Airport Cinemas

The movie theaters in Changi Airport are the perfect spot to pass the time while waiting for a flight or on a layover. There are cinemas in the transit areas of Terminals 2 and 3, as well as Shaw Theatres Jewel in the Jewel complex. Cinemas show new-release movies.

Shaw Theatres Jewel

Located in the Jewel complex, the sprawling Shaw Theatres Jewel has 11 cinema screens. Screen options include an IMAX theatre, a dedicated hall for families and children, DTS:X-sound capable halls, and two Lumiere screens, providing a premium movie-going experience. Screens show popular new-release movies.

Terminal Movie Theatres

Both Terminals 2 and 3 at Changi Airport have movie theaters in the transit areas. The cinema screens are available 24 hours a day and show recent movies at no charge. Settle in to a comfortable cinema seat and let the layover hours slip away while watching a movie on the big screen.


Changi Airport-Terminal

Events at Changi Airport

Terminal space in Changi Airport often plays host to special events. Travelers will find themed craft stations, contests, and new product launches taking place in the airport at various times of the year. The Terminal 3 ST3PS atrium, on Basement Level 2, plays host to no-cost live music performances, family magic shows, live sports telecasts, and movie marathons.

Changi Airport-Fitness

Fitness Classes at Changi Airport

Travelers can check out the weekly Terminal 3 calendar and sign up for a Sunday fitness class to keep feeling good between flights. Taught by certified local instructors, the classes offered include yoga, muscle toning, and full-body workouts. Most classes are low- to medium-impact and are provided free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Changi Airport-Shopping

Shopping at Changi Airport

Spending time at Changi Airport means time to shop. The airport has many unique boutiques as well as larger chain shops scattered throughout the terminals and in the Jewel. Stop in and explore some of the hundreds of shops at Changi Airport.

Pokemon Centre

Pop in and visit the trendy Pokemon Centre shop on Level 4 of the Jewel. The shop has a range of typical Pokemon merchandise as well as a line of Changi Airport exclusive items, like plushies and figures.

Clothing & Footwear

Scattered throughout all four terminals and the Jewel are retail outlets for clothing and shoes. Look for major international brands for both kids and adults. Carter’s children’s clothing can be found in Jewel Level 4, and the fashionable Converse shoe store is located in the transit area of Terminal 2. A layover at Changi Airport goes by quickly with all the shops and things to see.

Jewelry and Accessories

Look for shops filled with fashionable accessories or watches and jewelry. Check out Asian Artisan Fine Jewelry on Level 1 of the Jewel for a selection of unique one-of-a-kind jewelry items. For higher-end purchases or just to window shop, be sure to stop in to Burberry in the transit areas of Terminals 1, 2, & 3 for classic and stylish pieces.

Traffic at Changi Airport

Changi Airport is very busy and sees traffic from over 100 airlines. Changi aircraft movements add up to over 7,000 flights each week, flying to more than 100 countries. Over 5.5 million passenger movements take place each month totaling over 65 million passengers traveling through the airport each year.

Changi Airport-Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Changi Airport Hotels

Stay right in the heart of Changi Airport in one of several comfortable airport hotels. Staying at a hotel in the airport means you are able to go out and see the sights while remaining close enough to be sure to catch your flight.

Aerotel Transit Hotel

Aerotel Transit Hotel

Aerotel Transit Hotel, located in Terminal 1, has a hot tub as well as free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms. There is no need for an airport transfer when you are already staying in the airport!

JetQuay Suites

JetQuay Suites

Stay nearby at JetQuay Suites located at 60 Airport Boulevard. The hotel has air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms. It also allows short stays of only a few hours for travelers who just need to catch up on some sleep before jetting off again. The hotel has an airport transfer for the short distance to Changi Airport.

Check In, Step Out

Check in to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, located at Changi Airport. The hotel has a 5-star rating and has a steam room and free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Step out to Changi Prison Museum and Chapel located at 1000 Upper Changi Rd N. The museum focuses on Singapore’s involvement and history during WWII, especially the period of Japanese occupation.

Changi Prison Museum and Chapel

Check In, Step Out

Check in to YOTELAIR Changi Airport, located at Jewel which features air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms.

YOTELAIR Changi Airport

Step out to HSBC Rain Vortex in the fantastic Jewel complex.


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Check In, Step Out

Check in to The Haven by JetQuay, located at 65 Airport Boulevard Changi Airport Terminal 3, #1-#18. The hotel offers a free breakfast as well as free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms.

The Haven by JetQuay

Step out to Changi Beach Park, one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore. Join the locals to enjoy a nighttime picnic in the retro 1960’s atmosphere or watch airplanes land at Changi Airport.

Changi Beach Park


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