Singapore ArtScience Museum: Explore Exhibits, Tours and Workshops

ArtSciene Museum-Featured photo (1200x350) Singapore skyline with ArtScience museum

The relatively small city-state of Singapore is home to many wonderful attractions from shopping malls to botanic gardens. The inventive ArtScience Museum is a fantastic place for individuals and families to visit. Filled with immersive and interactive exhibits for all ages, the museum is an all-day escape where visitors might just learn something cool. The Singapore ArtScience Museum is rather unique among museums because it blends the complimentary disciplines of science and art.

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum Building

The diverse ArtScience Museum is housed in an iconic building that is meant to bring to mind a flower opening up or a welcoming open hand. It houses 21 gallery spaces and has room for multiple large-scale exhibitions. The unique building was designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie.

ArtScience Museum Sustainable Design Features

Singapore’s innovative ArtScience Museum was built to include multiple sustainable design features, and it is an easily recognizable landmark in the city. The lotus-like roof is shaped to collect rainwater for a reflecting pool at the building’s lowest level, and the water is then recycled and used in the building’s plumbing system, reducing its reliance on treated fresh water. Each flower petal of the building features a skylight to illuminate the gallery space with natural light, reducing the building’s reliance on electrical lighting and giving it a smaller environmental footprint.

ArtScience Museum-Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

The ArtScience Museum museum opened to the public in February of 2011 and is owned and operated by Marina Bay Sands, a luxury resort and casino facing Marina Bay. The integrated complex comprises shops, restaurants, and entertainment including the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, performance theatres, and an ice-skating rink. ArtScience Museum Museum is located on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade of the Marina Bay Sands complex.

ArtScience Museum

Exhibits at ArtScience Museum

Exhibits at ArtScience Museum are mostly made up of temporary traveling exhibitions. The museum has 21 gallery spaces but just three galleries are home to the museum’s only permanent exhibit. Exhibits focus on aspects of art and science including particle physics, paleontology, and marine biology. Focused art exhibits have showcased features by artists including M. C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol.

Permanent Exhibit at ArtScience Museum

The permanent exhibit at ArtScience Museum consists of three parts. Each of the three galleries completes a part of the whole. The three permanent exhibition galleries are titled Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression. All of these concepts exist at the intersection of art, science, culture, and technology. It is the stated mission of the ArtScience Museum to explore and develop this blending of disciplines.


The first of the permanent exhibit galleries that visitors pass through, Curiosity is a gallery designed with the purpose of asking visitors to question their surroundings. Leading questions on the displays invite visitors to put some thought into the process of creating art and science as well as ask if there is really that much difference between the two disciplines. The exhibit highlights the power of curiosity in driving exploration, innovation, and creation.


The second permanent exhibit, Inspiration, focuses on six important works of science and art innovation that changed the world. These pivotal developments include Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine, Kongming floating paper lanterns, a molecular model of buckminsterfullerene, an ancient Chinese scroll, a high-tech robotic fish, and of course an architectural drawing of the ArtScience Museum during its planning and development phase.


The third and last of the permanent exhibit galleries, Expression, takes a look at various art and science achievements over the course of human history. This is done with a large-scale multimedia presentation in the largest of the museum’s “fingers”. Expression explores the artistic and creative processes involved in innovation and looks at human progress in robotics, architecture, nanotechnology, navigation, and flight as results of these creative processes.

ArtScience Museum

Traveling Exhibits at ArtScience Museum

The majority of the extensive exhibit space at ArtScience Museum is occupied by traveling exhibitions. The museum works in concert with other major museums including the British Museum in London, the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, among others, to bring in exhibitions based on art or science.

Tours and Workshops at ArtScience Museum

Alongside the ever-changing exhibits, ArtScience Museum offers workshops and guided museum tours. Public gallery tours take place regularly on the weekends and are offered in English, Mandarin, and Japanese. Tours are led by expert and knowledgeable guides. Workshop topics vary by season and often line up with themes explored in the traveling exhibits.

Programs at ArtScience Museum

School groups from preschools and secondary schools are welcome at ArtScience Museum, and tours are tailored to the current exhibits. Embracing innovation and adaptability, the programs match exhibit content even as it changes regularly. Expert-run programs are hands-on and interactive. The museum has printed support materials for educators and group leaders to complement the programs. Program themes include the interplay between art and music, relationship between light and color, the diversity of ocean life, among others.

Educational and exploration programs for various age groups are offered throughout the year, with special events on school holidays. Themes include branches of science, using art to make a difference, and tackling climate change. Many workshops include a hands-on project with a take-home product at the end.

ArtScience Museum

Open Hours at ArtScience Museum

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum is open daily all year round including public holidays. Admission is taken for each gallery individually, and tickets are available online, at the museum box office, or from the Sands Theatres Box Office.

ArtScience Museum

Getting to ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum is easily accessible by public transit. Bayfront Station is connected to the Marina Bay Sands complex and is the closest stop to ArtScience Museum.

For bus access, take buses to the Marina Bay Sands Theatre bus stop, which is the closest bus stop to the museum.

Car parking is also available with free parking offered after a S$100 museum gift shop purchase.


ArtScience Museum

Events at ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum has meeting and event space and regularly hosts special events.

ArtScience Late

A regular feature night, ArtScience Late, takes place one Thursday night a month. Every third Thursday throughout the year, the museum is open late and takes discounted admissions after 7:00 pm.

ArtScience on Screen

During ArtScience on Screen events, filmmakers and artists are profiled. Works by local and international creators are shown on screen, and the event includes multi-screen presentations and feature-length films. Level 4 of ArtScience Museum hosts dialogues and masterclasses with the goal of inspiring creativity and innovation in attendees.

ArtScience in Focus

The museum’s ArtScience in Focus series presents pop-up showcases and exhibitions. These collaborations focus on the education, art, science, and technology advancements of partner organizations. Presentations take place quarterly and feature a mix of interactive and experimental activities.

ArtScience Museum-Marina Mandarin Singapore Hotel

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ArtScience Museum-Mandarin Oriental Singapore

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ArtScience Museum-Pan Pacific Singapore

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ArtScience Museum-Ascott Raffles Place Singapore

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