Visit Davao – A Natural Splendor in the Philippines


Considered one of the largest cities in the world, Davao City is filled with a variety of outdoor adventures people of any age will surely love. Jump into nature with these activities when you visit Davao.

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Be one with nature

There is nothing like the soothing smell of pine trees, especially in the morning! Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and reward yourself with a relaxing day with nature. Get to know Davao City better through its lush green parks, diverse attractions and landmarks, and friendly locals.

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Gateway to Samal

One of the country’s top destinations when it comes to island hopping, Samal Island is a ferry ride away from Davao City. Try jumping off Hagimit Falls, and dive into the tranquil emerald waters of Davao — home to numerous marine reefs.

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Enjoy thrilling activities

Davao City is known for its thrilling activities. Experience an exciting kind of high as you go biking in the sky. Feel the adrenaline kicking in as you paddle your way through and see a beautiful forestry through a bird’s eye view.

Bask in the gift of nature! Take the fresh air in and the stressful life out! Have the break you deserve and visit Davao City. Book your trip now and enjoy a peaceful and scenic vacation soon!

Adventures await you here!! It’s more fun in the Philippines with you around!

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