Visit Bohol – Nature Adventure At Its Finest in the Philippines


Beautiful beaches, marvelous marine life, and the delightful Chocolate Hills make Bohol the perfect tropical destination for travelers who want the best of both worlds – adventure and relaxation. When you visit Bohol, you can swim with sea turtles, choose from over 70 islands and islets, feast on the freshest seafood, and soak up the sun in one of the must-visit island destinations in the Philippines!

Bohol-Chocolate Hills

Get up close to Chocolate Hills

Take in the sweetness of seeing Bohol’s most popular attraction – the Chocolate Hills – up close! Located at the heart of Bohol Island, it is composed of a thousand mounds ranging from 30 to 50 meters in height! Talk about a bite-sized chocolate for a giant, right? At the end of every dry season, the green hills turn brown in color, hence the name Chocolate Hills.

Bohol Tarsier-Erwin Lim-Philippines

Eyes up for tarsiers

What might be the world’s smallest primate can be found in the majestic island of Bohol. The tarsiers are incredibly elusive animals and are known to be very shy around humans. Their soft, thick fur and big round eyes are too cute to ignore. Be careful though. Camera flashes and touching are unwelcome and may cause them stress!

Bohol Beachfront-philippines

Discover Bohol’s secret

Right at the tip of Bohol is Panglao, a beautiful island that offers turquoise blue waters and powdery white sand. Enjoy a peaceful and stress-free vacation as you dip into the water, go around the island, and get to know the locals! Grab your goggles, put on your sunscreen, and go on a memorable trip in Panglao. You’ll definitely love this secret paradise!

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