Visit La Union – Coastal Vibes & Nature Climbs


Find several ways to connect with nature when you visit La Union, a laid-back town that is a favorite destination of local tourists and international travelers alike! Whether you’re into riding waves or discovering hidden waterfalls, you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime when you visit this natural gem up north.

La Union-coast-Philippines tourism

Surf and chill

Catch the waves in the coasts of the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines! You’re sure to have a blast as you paddle out and explore La Union’s waters, famous for its consistent intermediate quality surf. Go all out and make a splash from July to October or from November to March to witness its much-anticipated surfing season!


Trek to a sanctuary

Apart from being a surfing hotspot, La Union is also a haven for travelers who seek nature’s sanctuary. Trek its mountainous terrains and immerse yourself fully in incredible scenery, and then cap off your trip with a refreshing dip in La Union’s majestic waterfalls!

La Union-aerial-Philippines tourism

Unwind some more

Unknown to most, La Union has a lot more to offer than just surf-worthy waves. The town’s irresistible charm is due to heritage attractions and cultural activities. Here, you can go on a pilgrimage tour and visit historical churches, roam and go grape picking in local vineyards, try red clay pottery and loom weaving, or join eco-tours together with other vacationers!

Plan your trip to La Union now and experience an unforgettable adventurous escapade that will leave you wanting for more. After all, such beautiful views and thrilling pursuits are more fun with you!

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