Kuching International Airport | Guide to Flying to Sarawak State in Borneo

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Located just a few minutes south of Kuching city, Kuching International Airport services domestic and international flights to Sarawak state on the island of Borneo. The single-terminal facility was updated in 2006, and passengers will find a variety of duty-free shops, souvenir stores, restaurants and services.

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Kuching International Airport offers amenities that help make layovers and wait times for comfortable for passengers. Guests will find charging stations, a prayer room, currency exchange booths, ATMs, luggage storage lockers and a baby care room. In addition to facilities, the airport offers a small food court on the upper level of the airport, along with international restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks and KFC.


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To take a taxi from Kuching International Airport to Kuching and outlying destinations, passengers will need to get a coupon at the taxi counter on Level 1 of the Terminal Building. Charges for taxis are fixed based on destination. Buses also run regularly from the airport. A list of bus routes is available at the Tourist Information counter in the Arrivals hall. Guests also can rent a car in Level 1 of the airport. Guests have a pick of more than 10 car rental companies at Kuching International Airport.


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Things to do near Kuching International Airport

Since the airport is very near to city center, passengers with long layovers may want to venture out to see some attractions in Kuching. Taxi drivers will know popular destinations, and guests can obtain coupons for taxi rides upon arrival.

  • Jalan Main Bazaar – this shopping street in Kuching is a great place to witness local life along the river and pick up some Kuching souvenirs, like handmade jewelry and indigenous handicrafts.
  • Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple – known as the best feng shui spot in Kuching, Tua Pek Kong is a Chinese temple that overlooks Jalan Main Bazaar and the Sarawak River. The ornate temple is one of the few buildings that survived the Great Fire of Kuching in 1884 and is believed to have been built in the 1840s.
  • Kuching Mosque (Sarawak State Mosque) – known to locals as Masjid Lama, or Old Mosque, the Kuching Mosque was built in 1968 to replace the wooden facility established in 1852. Visible from the Sarawak River, the mosque features a gold dome and is a striking landmark at sunset.
  • Sarawak Museum – part of a complex that includes Sarawak Art Museum and Urang Sarawak Exhibition hall, the Sarawak Museum features a collection of tribal weapons, archeological artifacts and models of traditional homes called “longhouses.” The museum is the oldest in Borneo, having been founded in 1891.
  • The Astana – a palace that dates to 1870, The Astana is the official home of the Sarawak governor. It was originally built for the wife of Charles Brooke, considered the “Second White Rajah or Sarawak.” The Astana offers scenic walkways throughout the grounds and several viewpoints overlooking the Sarawak River.


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