Day Trips from Tokyo – 5 Easy Tours & Eye-Popping Destinations in Japan

View of Lake Kawaguchi near Mount Fuji in Tokyo

Thanks to Japan’s modern transportation system, day trips from Tokyo are simple and affordable. Hike up world-famous mountains, or go sightseeing along the seaside. With a little planning, you can fit several stops into one day!

AGODA EXTRA: The cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower, and annual spring blooms draw in tourists from across the globe. One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo is at Ueno Onshi Park, where more than 1,000 trees cover the park with shades of pink and white. Visit during late March to attend the annual Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival.

Mount Fuji_Tokyo_Japan

1. Trek up Japan’s tallest mountain, or lounge by a lake at MOUNT FUJI

Hike Japan’s most famous mountain in about 6 hours, or spend the day at the foot of Mount Fuji enjoying 25 attractions recognized by UNESCO as cultural points of interest. The mountain itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is Japan’s highest peak at 12,388 feet (3,776 meters).

5 Popular Things to Do at Mount Fuji

How to get there?

Local buses run every day from different locations. Ask your hotel for the nearest bus station, and plan on spending about two hours traveling to the base of the mountain.

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Kamakura_Kotoku-in Temple_Japan

2. Find peace in a Zen monastery, or hang ten on the beach while sightseeing in KAMAKURA

Step into a modern-day rendition of medieval Japan to view ancient temples and shrines by the seaside. Kōtoku Temple with its nearly 50-foot-tall Buddha, is one of the area’s most notable attractions. Surfers and beach bums love the sands and waves at Yuigahama Beach in Sagami Bay. Follow the Ten’en Hiking Trail to see the region’s oldest Zen monastery at Kenchō-ji Temple and the Zuisen-ji Temple rock garden.

How to get there?

  • Take the fast train: Direct connections to Kamakuru are available at Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station.
  • Take the not-so-fast train: The Odakyu Railway Station at Shinjuku Station offers an Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass, which gives you round-trip transportation to Kamakura and Enoshima, a small island popular for its beaches, religious statues and the Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea Candle Lighthouse (Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Deck).

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Shinkyo Bridge_Kegon Falls_Nikko_Japan

3. Relax in Kinugawa Onsen hot spring resort, or tour five national treasures in NIKKO

We recommend two days to explore this mountainous region located about two hours northeast of Tokyo. The area is flooded with ancient temples and shrines, walking trails, waterfalls and hot spring resorts, including Kinugawa Onsen. If you can’t spend two days in Nikko, take the time to see at least one of the district’s feature attractions.

5 Popular Things to See in Nikko

  • Nikkō Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park (Nikkō National Park): Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stunning scenery.
  • Kegon Falls: Situated near Lake Chūzenji in Nikkō National Park, the falls flow from an awesome height of 318 feet (97 meters).
  • Lake Chūzenji: Located at the foot of Mount Nantai, this scenic lake is where you’ll find the hot springs of Chuzenjiko Onsen, Kegon Falls and Ryuzu Falls.
  • Nikkō Tōshō-gū: Tour five National Treasures of Japan in this temple complex that features Futarasan Shrine and Rinnō-ji temple.
  • Shinkyo Bridge: Stroll over Japan’s oldest and most sacred bridge that serves as the gateway to Futarasan Shrine.

How to get to Nikko?

Catch a train from Asakusa Station or Shinjuku Station.

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day trips from Tokyo-Japan-Hakone hot springs

4. Eat black eggs cooked in HAKONE hot springs, or ride a pirate ship across Lake Ashi

Cruise a lake on a pirate ship, and eat black eggs cooked in hot springs at one of Japan’s most popular holiday resorts. Not only can you see Mount Fuji from Hakone, but you can also tour ancient shrines and soak your cares away in dozens of hot springs.

5 Great Things to Do in Hakone

  • Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park: Explore historic regions and iconic scenery in Shuzenji, Atami, Hakone, Mishima, Numazu and Odawara.
  • Lake Ashi: See Mount Fuji from the banks, or take a cruise across the lake in a pirate ship to sop up incredible views of the valley.
  • Ōwakudani: Prepare for a smelly but scenic trek through sulfuric hot springs and an active volcanic zone. Check for availability before you head to Ōwakudani. Occasionally, the attraction closes when sulfuric gases reach levels too stinky for visitors.
  • Hakone Shrine: Pass through a torii gate to reach an ancient religious site situated on the banks of Lake Ashi.
  • Hakone Open-Air Museum: Admire a mesmerizing outdoor art display from a stained glass observation tower.

How to get there?

Grab an express train from Shinjuku Station, or buy a Hakone Free Pass from Odakyu Railway, which provides two days of unlimited transportation and discounts to more than 50 attractions in the area.

day trips from Tokyo-Japan-The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko

day trips from Tokyo-Japan-Yokohama-Sankeien Garden

5. Pick up souvenirs in Japan’s largest Chinatown, and tour Japanese tea houses in YOKOHAMA

Once a tiny fishing village, Yokohama is now Japan’s second largest city and a favorite day trip destination for Tokyoites. Visit quirky museums, gorgeous gardens and the largest Chinatown in the country.

5 Popular Things to Do in Yokohama

  • Sankeien Garden: Discover historic buildings, temples and tea houses in a spacious Japanese-style garden.
  • Minatomirai: Spend a day in an amusement park on the harbor, or watch ships dock while shopping and dining in an open-air plaza.
  • Yokohama Chinatown: Buy souvenirs and street food in the largest Chinatown in Japan.
  • Cup Noodles Museum, Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and Kirin Beer Yokohama Factory: Take three fun tours that include workshops, colorful displays and free beer tasting. Yokohama’s favorite museums are located within 30 minutes of one another.
  • Ōsanbashi Pier: Photograph international cruise ships, and soak up an unobstructed view of the Minato Mirai skyline.

How to get there?

Board a train from nearly any station in Tokyo, and enjoy a 40-minute to one-hour ride to Yokohama.

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