Must-Visit Spring Sightseeing Spots in Tohoku, Japan – Revised for 2023!

Don’t miss these spring sightseeing spots in Tohoku when you are visiting northern Japan! These magnificent cherry blossom spots will make you want to plan a trip to the Tohoku Region at once!

Aobayama Park Sendai-must-see-spring-sightseeing-spots-Tohoku-Japan-2022-1

Aobayama Park (Sendai Castle Ruins) – Sendai City

Aobayama Park boasts a spectacular view of Sendai Castle’s Otemon Gate Waki-yagura Watchtower against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. Enjoy the 370 cherry trees along with the historic atmosphere. One of the most striking photo spots here is the statue of Date Masamune on a horse, which stands over the main castle ruins. The statue framed by cherry blossoms is a unique sight that can only be seen for a short time in spring. Don’t miss snapping a shot of this classic Sendai scene.

Takada Castle Site Park Niigata-must-see-spring-sightseeing-spots-Tohoku-Japan-2022-2

Takada Castle Site Park – Niigata Prefecture

The cherry blossoms at Takada Castle Site Park are on all the ‘best of’ lists — Japan’s Three Best Cherry Blossom Night-Viewing Spots, Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots, and Niigata Prefecture’s 100 Best Views! The 4,000 cherry trees bloom from early to mid-April, during which the Takada Castle Site Park Cherry Blossom Festival is also held. During the festival, the Sakura Road, a tunnel of cherry blossom trees, is illuminated at night. Take this opportunity to capture dreamy photos of the cherry blossoms and Takada Castle.

Tsurugajo Castle Fukushima-must-see-spring-sightseeing-spots-Tohoku-Japan-2022-3

Tsurugajo Castle – Fukushima Prefecture

This time, enjoy cherry blossoms with a Japanese castle in the background at Tsurugajo Castle. From early April to early May is when the cherry blossoms bloom and the Tsurugajo Castle Cherry Blossom Festival is held. One of the biggest draws is the Tsuruga Castle Park Light-Up event. The largest of its kind in eastern Japan, the festival allows visitors to enjoy the fantastic beauty of 1,000 cherry trees at night with the entire castle grounds lit up.

Shiogama-Jinja Shrine Miyagi-must-see-spring-sightseeing-spots-Tohoku-Japan-2022-5

Eboshiyama Park – Yamagata Prefecture

Enjoy the view of cherry blossoms in a hot springs townscape at Eboshiyama Park. Overlooking the Okitama area, Eboshiyama Park is located behind Akayu Onsen and offers a spectacular view of the cherry blossoms in this hot springs town. With its many paths and stairs leading down to Akayu Onsen, the park serves as a good vantage point for charming views of cherry blossoms. The Akayu Onsen Sakura Festival is held from mid-April to early May, during which the cherry blossoms are lit up at night. It is highly recommended to stay the night in the hot springs town so you can leisurely enjoy the cherry blossoms.

family room
Photo courtesy of the Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Promotion Division

Shiogama-Jinja Shrine – Miyagi Prefecture

Shiogama-Jinja Shrine is a shrine with a 1,200-year history. The cherry blossoms here have been designated as a natural treasure of Japan and greet visitors with their light pink petals in late April when they bloom. Enjoy the refined atmosphere at this stately shrine.

Kakunodate Akita

Weeping Cherry Trees of Kakunodate – Akita Prefecture

Admire the magnificent cherry blossoms in a former samurai district in the town of Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture. The weeping cherry trees look as if they’re flowing out onto the street, creating a beautiful contrast to the black walls of the samurai residences. The whole town becomes covered in pink during the blooming season. Our photo tip is to make the most of the traditional townscape by visiting in a kimono for some lovely photos exuding traditional Japanese charm.

Ashino Park Aomori-must-see-spring-sightseeing-spots-Tohoku-Japan-2022-7

Ashino Park – Aomori Prefecture

See a cherry blossom tunnel with 1,500 cherry trees in bloom at Ashino Park, also one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots, in Aomori Prefecture. The main highlight, the tunnel of cherry blossoms over the Tsugaru Railway that runs through the park, gets crowded during the blooming season with many visitors looking to snap beautiful shots of the scene. The park also holds a cherry blossom festival during this time when plenty of fun activities and events are on offer. A few things to do are getting on a rowboat, watching folk art performances, including performances of the local version of the traditional Japanese musical instrument shamisen, and lighting and fireworks displays.

Ryusendo Cave Iwate

Ryusendo Cave – Iwate Prefecture

The only spot on this list that is not about cherry blossoms — but is nonetheless a great place to see when you visit Tohoku in spring — is Ryusendo Cave in Iwate Prefecture. It is one of the Three Great Limestone Caves in Japan and a national natural monument. In the cave, fresh spring water forms deep underground lakes. The most impressive of them is the third lake, one of the clearest in the world, with a depth of 98 meters. The sapphire-blue lake water, together with the countless stalactites in the cave, creates a fantastic scene.

Enjoy the best spring sightseeing spots in Tohoku, where there are magnificent views all around!

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