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In this article, we introduce our recommended fall photography spots in Tohoku. Autumn foliage in the Tohoku Region is best enjoyed from late September to early November. The region’s main attractions are its wide expanse of nature, grand vistas, and fresh food.

Best fall Photography Spots in Tohoku-Hakkoda Ropeway

Hakkoda Ropeway – Aomori Prefecture

The Hakkoda Mountains comprise one of the most famous autumn foliage viewing spots in Japan. It is widely praised as the most beautiful mountain in Japan, and many tourists visit every year to enjoy its autumn leaves. One of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular autumn colors is from the cable car, which takes about 10 minutes one way. It’s an experience that should not be missed!

Best fall Photography Spots in Tohoku-Nanshoso

Nanshoso – Iwate Prefecture

Nanshoso has attracted many tourists not only from Japan but also from overseas. The garden, with its seasonal changes, and the historic Japanese-style house are both exceptionally beautiful. The autumn foliage in the Japanese garden, which is best viewed in early November, has been the highlight of Nanshoso for many visitors. You can enjoy viewing the autumn colors from the window or the porch of the mansion, or taking a leisurely stroll around the garden. Don’t miss the illumination of the garden starting in the evening, held only during the autumn foliage season.

Best fall Photography Spots in Tohoku-Dakigaeri Valley

Dakigaeri Valley – Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture’s Dakigaeri Valley is known for its brilliant autumn foliage and atmospheric cobalt blue mountain streams. The leaves usually turn vibrant colors from early October to early November, and the beautiful contrast they make with the sparkling mountain stream will surely rejuvenate you. You can explore the area on a casual stroll, such as by heading to the Kami-no-iwahashi Suspension Bridge (“Rock Bridge of the Gods”), which offers a great view. The area gets crowded with tourists every year.

Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Entsuin Temple
Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Entsuin Temple

Entsuin Temple – Miyagi Prefecture

Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its magnificent scenery and is considered as one of the Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan. However, even within beautiful Matsushima, Entsuin Temple stands out during the autumn foliage season when it offers a breathtaking view of the leaves in a distinctly Japanese atmosphere. The temple precincts and its autumn foliage are also illuminated at night in this season. One recommended spot for viewing the leaves is the Japanese stone garden with a 350-year-old pond, on which the autumn foliage is reflected. The scene is otherworldly!

Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Akiu Night Museum

Akiu Night Museum – Sendai City

Tenshukaku Nature Park in Akiu Onsen, Sendai City is a natural preserve with hot springs, restaurants, and a campground. In the autumn, the Akiu Night Museum is also open. Enjoy Sendai at night as the illumination creates a magical world of autumn colors. Also, unlike typical autumn foliage lighting, the lighting here changes colors to allow visitors to enjoy different versions of the scenery. This illumination event, usually held for a month starting mid-October, is a must-see during the autumn foliage season.

Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Zuihouden

Zuihoden – Sendai City

At Zuihoden, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and colorful autumn leaves around the end of November. The main draw here is the gorgeous Momoyama-style architecture surrounded by colorful maple trees, including bright red maples and yellow or orange Iroha maples. The vibrant combination of differently colored autumn leaves, unique to Zuihoden, will surely make for an unforgettable memory.

Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Saihoji Temple

Saihoji Temple – Sendai City

Saihoji Temple is located deep in the mountains on the outskirts of Sendai City. It is said to offer divine favor for marriage, having children, and safety. In the autumn, the trees on the temple grounds turn a fiery red, creating an atmospheric scene that can captivate anyone. The 29-meter-tall five-story pagoda, set against a backdrop of autumn leaves, is a must-see for its uniquely Japanese scenery! The best season to view the leaves is in late October.

Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Inawashiro Herb Garden
Best Photography Spots in the Tohoku-Inawashiro Herb Garden

Inawashiro Herb Garden – Fukushima Prefecture

Autumn foliage is not the only attraction during autumn. At Inawashiro Herb Garden, you can enjoy seasonal flowers and herbs in an area of about 100,000 square meters where approximately 500 varieties of herbs are cultivated. It is a very popular photo spot where you can take dreamy photos with the magnificent flower garden in the background. October is the best season to enjoy zinnias in vivid pop colors, bright red Kochia, and about 2 million cosmoses in full bloom. In addition, you can experience hand-picking cosmos flowers directly from the cosmos fields that cover an entire area.

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