Autumn Food & Drink in Tohoku | 8 Regional Cuisines of Northern Japan

Simmered of taro and pork

Have you ever been to Tohoku, the northern region of Japan? It is where you can enjoy fresh and delicious Japanese food. Check the article for the best autumn food and drink in Tohoku. Try everything from dessert to sake!

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Apple Picking in Aomori Prefecture

Apple Picking in Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture boasts the greatest quantity of apples in Japan. In Aomori, you can enjoy various kinds of apples, from red apples to green apples, with different flavors and textures unique to each kind. Come and find your favorite apple in Aomori!

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Morioka Reimen cold noodles in Iwate Prefecture

Morioka Reimen (cold noodles) in Iwate Prefecture

Morioka Reimen is definitely an iconic representative of Iwate cuisine. It has a soup made of beef bones that are simmered for a long time so that lots of collagen is included in the broth, which has a rich taste. The bowl has an additional savory acidity taste of kimchi and chewy noodles that will go down your throat smoothly. It’s no doubt that this dish is loved by the young ladies for its characteristic of being nutritious, refreshing and easy to eat. If you are in Iwate, don’t forget to try a bowl of authentic Morioka Reimen.

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Hinai Chicken Oyakodon in Akita Prefecture

Hinai Chicken Oyakodon in Akita Prefecture

The Hinai Chicken Oyakodon is one specialty of Akita Prefecture. This savory and exquisite dish is said to be one of the three most delicious chicken dishes in Japan. Enjoy a luxurious bowl of Oyakodon that has the combination of meat with excellent texture and the taste of its special sauce and egg toppings. Do you want to try this dish in its hometown?

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Kirakiradon in Miyagi Prefecture

Kirakiradon in Miyagi Prefecture

Kirakiradon is a local dish of the Minamisanriku area in Miyagi Prefecture. This bowl is made using plenty of local seafood, arranged in a pretty appearance as its name suggests. There are a total of four types of donburi made using seasonal ingredients – “Harutsuge”, “Uni (Sea Urchin)”, “Akiuma” and “Ikura (Salmon Roe)”. The ingredients and taste are particular to each restaurant. If you want to have a taste of Japanese seafood, don’t miss this dish when in Miyagi.

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Hagi no Tsuki cake in Sendai City

Hagi no Tsuki cake in Sendai City

Hagi no Tsuki is a cake-like dessert made in the circular moon’s image. It’s a fluffy soft sponge cake with plenty of custard cream inside. It has a mild sweet and creamy taste that everyone will love. The cake can be stored for a long time at room temperature, so people usually buy it as a souvenir. Find this cake at Sendai Station or Sendai Airport on your next trip to the Tohoku region.

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Imoni stew in Yamagata Prefecture

Imoni stew in Yamagata Prefecture

Imoni stew is the iconic dish of Yamagata Prefecture. Food culture in Yamagata varies from the Inland area cuisine of beef and soy sauce dishes to the dishes from the Shonai area with pork with miso flavor. The taste, ingredients and seasoning are diverse. Traditionally, people in Yamagata usually have Imoni parties in the autumn, when people gather around an Imoni hot spot on the riverbed. Try a taste of the stew that represents Japan and warm your body and soul.

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Kunimi Burger in Fukushima Prefecture

Kunimi Burger in Fukushima Prefecture

When in Fukushima, one can taste the unique Kunimi Burger, which is a hamburger full of Japanese flavors. The burger has tomatoes, lettuce and onion, as in classic Western burgers, but the star of this dish is mackerel simmered in miso until the bones can be eaten. People adore the hamburger so much that they have praised it with a Grand Prix prize two consecutive years in the East Japan Burger Championships (東日本バーガー選手権). There are many variations, so you can try each kind and compare.

Autumn food and drink in Tohoku-fall food festivals-tours-Sake in Niigata Prefecture

The Sake in Niigata Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture is known for having the best rice and also offers the best sake in Japan. The prefecture has 89 sake breweries and produces many renowned sake brands. Niigata sake is said to be famous for having a “Tanrei Karakuchi” (light, mellow and dry) taste, created by using soft water having low mineral components that can slow the fermentation progress in the harsh cold winter. This results in a clean and crisp flavor of the local sake.

There is a saying that Niigata’s sake is all about taste and quality rather than quantity. So, if you would love to have a taste of the Japanese authentic sake, this should not be missed.

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