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Kyoto Travel Guide


When it comes to finding pet-friendly hotels in Kyoto, pet owners have a range of options to choose from that accommodate every budget. Discover small hotels with traditional Japanese-styled rooms to luxurious five-star hotels with spacious suites.

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Featured photo-Kabuki performance-Kyoto nightlife-Japan

The nightlife scene in Japan’s third largest city takes a different spin on late-night activities. Rather than clubs and bars, Kyoto nightlife is largely centered on cultural activities, such as geisha experiences and theater performances. Learn about the vibrant, eccentric and enticing nightlife that awaits visitors after the sun sets over Kyoto.

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Featured photo-Kyoto food-Japan cuisine

If you’re looking to take your taste buds on an adventure through the many facets of Japanese cuisine, look no further than the Kyoto food scene. An integral aspect of Kyoto‘s rich history is its wide array of traditional culinary experiences that range from multi-course meals and home-style cooking to classic vegetarian dishes mastered by Buddhist monks.

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Tofukuji temple-Featured photo (1200x350) Beautiful view of Tofukuji temple

Tofukuji Temple is one of the most visited religious temples in Japan, thanks to its brilliant architecture and scenic natural landscape. The temple complex is located within walking distance of Kyoto Station, making it an ideal historical attraction to visit. Plus, the temple sits beneath sprawling cherry blossom trees, maples, and natural scenery that present ever-changing color schemes throughout the year.

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Heian shrine-Featured photo (1200x350) Heian shrine main gate

Located near the heart of Gion, with a beautiful mountain as its backdrop, Heian Shrine in Kyoto offers visitors a glimpse into the history of the region. While not as dated as some of the other shrines in Japan, Heian Shrine is celebrated as a memorial that symbolizes the triumphs at Gion‘s foundation.

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Featured photo-Arashiyama Monkey Park-Kyoto sightseeing-Japan

Home to geishas, historical shrines and temples, an award-winning selection of tea houses and restaurants, and fabulous museums, Kyoto encapsulates the true essence of the culture and traditions of Japan. It’s no surprise that Kyoto sightseeing is a spectacular event! Not only will tourists find an amazing selection of centuries-old shrines, sculptures, and temples, but they also will stumble upon several UNESCO World Heritage Sites while making their way through this stunning city.

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Featured photo-getting around Kyoto-subway-metro train

Visitors will find that Kyoto is a fairly compact city, and getting around Kyoto is a piece of cake! As with most of Japan, Kyoto is well connected by public transit, meaning visitors have plenty of options for getting around. Most visitors will find that the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get around Kyoto is by using the subway and bus systems. Alternatively, taxis, cycling, and walking also are great ways for getting from one attraction to the next.

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Kyoto itinerary-Featured photo (1200x350) Arashiyama bridge in autumn

Japan is filled with many incredibly beautiful, tourist-friendly cities, and Kyoto is definitely one of them. First-time visitors will want to plan a Kyoto itinerary in advance so the most popular temples, shrines, landmarks and shopping centers are not missed. With the right Kyoto itinerary, it’s possible to visit all of the city’s main sightseeing districts in just three or five days, so be sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes!

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Where to stay in Kyoto-Featured photo (1200x350) Higashiyama District

Kyoto is a diverse city with many unique neighborhoods, each offering something different for travelers. Deciding where to stay in Kyoto should depend on what you want to see and do. From historic sites like Yasaka Shrine and Nanzenji Temple to modern landmarks like Kyoto Tower, the city is brimming with sightseeing opportunities. It is also surrounded by mountains and forests that provide a relaxing escape!

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Kyoto onsen-Featured photo (1200x350) Japanese outdoor hotspring

For many, a visit to Kyoto would not be complete without a soak in one of the region’s natural hot springs or onsens, so a Kyoto onsen guide is essential for planning a trip to Japan. There are thousands of onsens scattered across Japan, including many in Kyoto and the surrounding area. Find out where the most popular onsens in Kyoto are hidden, and enjoy some tips on how to dip in a hot springs bath the right way!

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