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Britain offers a delightful combination of urban hotspots and countryside spaces, many of which are situated close together, allowing you to mix the hustle and bustle of city life with the peace and tranquility of Britain’s striking outdoor landscapes. Now, those looking to wander Britain’s magical city streets, delve into its heritage and history and then soak up its outdoor beauty can get inspired by our round-up of easily accessible countryside spots close to major cities.

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Britain’s cities are fabulous on foot. Whether it’s a saunter through London’s creative East End, discovering Edinburgh’s unmissable viewpoints or strolling through Manchester’s industrial heritage, you can look forward to an eco-friendly city adventure with our themed walking routes.

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Britain just oozes with royalty and rich history. Discover the UK’s castles, palaces, yachts and more. Explore our interactive map to discover royal attractions across Britain.

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Everyone’s favourite teen wizard has traveled all over Britain. So jump on your broomstick, and come with us as we discover the magical world of Harry Potter™.

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In Britain, many of us drink tea every day, whether at breakfast, during a break in the morning or in the evening. There’s also the unmissable British tradition of afternoon tea! Said to have been introduced by the Duchess of Bedford in 1840, it’s a ritual that you should tuck into at least once during your visit.

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