Montmartre Info: A Guide to Montmartre & its Metro Stations

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Navigate through the Paris Métro to discover the best places to visit in Montmartre. Spend less time worrying about transit and more time enjoying your holiday with this quick guide to Montmartre’s Metro stations and surrounding areas. With sights like Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur) and Montmartre Village, Montmartre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris.

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Montmartre’s Metro Stations & Hotels Nearby

No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the historic Montmartre neighborhood. Fortunately for visitors, Montmartre’s metro options make it easy to explore the area. Nearby hotels serve as great home bases for tourists who wish to explore the culture and history of this vibrant, art-driven community. Sometimes called “La Butte,” which means “the hill” in English, Montmartre is a thriving area that provides a fantastic link to the past with its quaint hilltop shops, artists, and local French restaurants.

Framed by the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur), the beauty and history of this picturesque area make it a great choice for visitors to Paris. With convenient access to the Montmartre Metro, you will have access to some of the best things to see in Paris.

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Shopping & things to do near Montmartre

Montmartre is a thriving community full of attractions and shopping choices that accommodate almost all budgets. If you are visiting Montmartre, you should plan on making a stop at the stunning Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur). This beautiful church is famous for its pristine white façade and gorgeous views of Paris. If you feel like walking, a long staircase connects the church to the lower parts of Montmartre, or you can take the funicular to the top by using a standard metro ticket. Plan ahead and enjoy the view with a picnic lunch of fresh cheeses and bread from local vendors.

  • ▪ Montmartre Village: stop in the historical heart of Montmartre and marvel at local boutiques, artists, and French food while traveling through the historic area on foot.
  • ▪ Le Studio 14: this shop showcases stunning women’s clothing and the opportunity to take home a piece of Paris from Montmartre.
  • ▪ Wall of Love: located near the Abbesses metro station, this wall in Square Jehan Rictus city park was opened in 2000 and features enameled lava tiles decorated with the phrase “I love you” in 250 languages. The art installation is free to view by the public, so take your sweetheart and declare your love in front of this historic landmark.
  • Montmartre also is known as a haven for artists, both past and present. Enjoy a walk through the neighborhood to appreciate and purchase work by local street artists.

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Best places to eat near Montmartre

When you’re in France, you can expect to experience some of the world’s best food, and the Montmartre neighborhood is no exception. Whether you want a sit-down meal or quick local French cuisine, there are plenty of great food options that suit all budget types. Be sure to try some freshly-baked breads and French cheeses while visiting, as Paris is known for having some of the best in the world.

  • La Cure Gourmande: a feast for both your eyes and mouth, La Cure Gourmande features confections, breads, cakes, and other treats you can eat while you explore Montmartre.
  • ▪ Soul Kitchen: if you’re vegetarian or looking for a healthy, delicious place to eat, then choose from handmade salads, wraps, homemade soups and tarts at this Montmartre eatery, located a few blocks from the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur).

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Bars, lounges, & nightlife near Montmartre

If you are visiting Montmartre, be sure to take an evening out and enjoy some of the great bars, lounges, and nightlife options, particularly Moulin Rouge.

  • ▪ Step into Moulin Rouge and enjoy cabaret-style entertainment while taking in the atmosphere of a unique building. After the show, stroll through the illuminated historic district and feel like you’ve traveled back through time.
  • ▪ LaDivette de Montmartre: check out this quirky bar that channels old beatnik bistros of the 1970s. Covered floor to wall with classic vinyl records, the Montmartre cult favorite features live music on Fridays and inexpensive beer and food options daily.
  • ▪ La Machine du Moulin Rouge: this three-floored club features a bar and often is used as a live venue. Dance the night away on the main dance floor, La Chaufferie, which offers a unique club vibe with its “Alice in Wonderland” theme.
  • ▪ La Renaissance: featured in Hollywood movies, this beautiful bar relives the historic period of “La Belle Époque” with its beautiful art nouveau décor, great food, and cocktails. Located to the northern side of Montmartre, this restaurant is also close to the Porte de Clignancourt metro station.

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Transportation options at Montmartre

Montmartre Metro lines

Paris has an expansive underground metro system that opened in 1898 and still takes passengers all around the city, including to the Montmartre area. With 16 lines running through the subway, there are lots of options for metro travel, and it can get a little confusing for beginners. Before you enter the underground, determine which lines you need to take.

To reach Montmartre, you will need to take either line 12 or line 2 on the metropolitan. As not all lines run through the Montmartre area, you may need to start on one line and switch trains along the way. This means you will have to exit your metro car and navigate through a station to find the correct metro line to ride. Fortunately, stations contain plenty of signs indicating which trains go where. Plan your route ahead of time to know if you need to make a switch.

Many visitors to Montmartre arrive on one of three main Montmartre metro stops – Abbesses Station (line 12), Blanche Station (line 2), or Anvers Station (line 2). These stops feature beautiful, art nouveau-style entrances that are sure to warrant a photo or two.

The western area boasts a bevy of restaurant and entertainment options and is popular for visitors to use as a home base.

When taking the metro, it is good to be aware of some general tips so that you are able to navigate through the system without any issues.

  1. Be certain to keep your validated ticket with you at all times as: if you are caught without a ticket, you will be fined.
  2. Be aware that many subway stations have extensive stairs. If you require elevator access, check the metro map to see if the station closest to your hotel can accommodate your accessibility needs.
  3. Watch out for pickpockets as they frequently target distracted individuals on the Paris Metro.

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Other means of transportation in Montmartre


If you aren’t comfortable using the Paris Metro system right away, another option is to take taxis. Though, this is the most expensive option for travel around the area. Be certain to either catch a taxi at an official taxi stand or use your hotel concierge to call you a cab.


Paris has an extensive bus system that is cheap and enables access to areas all over the city. Be aware that during peak hours buses can get quite cramped. Be certain of your route prior to leaving your hotel and keep an eye on your belongings as you travel.

On foot

If possible, explore Montmartre by foot see the area like locals do. Walking through the district allows visitors to duck into boutiques and cafés that might be missed when traveling on the metro.

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