Marais District: Guide to Paris Attractions, Shopping & Hotels

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Marais was historically an aristocratic district in Paris and that classic, posh vibe remains even today, though the district itself is a little more welcoming to people of all kinds. With its pre-revolutionary architecture, stunning porticos, and shop-lined pedestrian streets, this area is really a sight to behold and makes for a wonderful place to take a stroll through. Le Marais is also home to many gorgeous, designer hotels, so the likelihood that you’ll find a fantastic place to make your home base out of in Marais is high. Featuring nightclubs, galleries, and a mainstay of Jewish culture in France, the Marais Paris is an important district to many and should be at the top of your list for locations to visit in Paris.

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Introduction to Paris’s Marais District

Situated close to the Seine River, Marais is also very close to many of Paris’s most famous attractions, including the Notre Dame Cathedral. Marais was also the home of famed French novelist, Victor Hugo, and his home is now a museum that can be visited in the area. With quick access to bus and the metro, as well as a central location, Marais is a popular destination for visitors and is also beloved by locals. For your next trip to Paris, why not consider a stay in the vibrant and historical neighborhood of Marais?

Check In to Le 20 Prieure Hotel, Step Out to Notre Dame

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Paris Travel: Hotels in the Marais District

This trendy district is home to many great boutique hotels, so if you are looking to step away from hotel chains and experience a quintessential piece of Parisian history, consider a stay in Marais at one of these fantastic hotels.

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Hotel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais

The Hotel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais is ideally situated in Marais and is only a 2-minute walk away from the wonderful Place des Vosges. With free Wi-Fi available on in all rooms, a continental breakfast that features delicious French pastries, as well as daily housekeeping and 24-hour reception, the Hotel Jeanne d’Arc Le Marais is a great choice for your stay in Marais. The hotel’s address is 3, rue de Jarente, 4th – Le Marais, Paris, France, 75004.

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Grand Hôtel Malher

With its excellent location, free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas, 24-hour check-in, as well as luggage storage and daily housekeeping, the Grand Hôtel Malher is ready to be your home away from home in Paris. The Grand Hôtel Malher is only a few minutes away from the metro, making it an ideal location for a home base in Marais as you will be able to get to and from this hotel with ease. Consider a stay at the Grand Hôtel Malher during your next visit to Paris. The hotel’s address is 5 Rue Malher, 4th – Le Marais, Paris, France, 75004.

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Hotel Dupond-Smith

Recently renovated, the Hotel Dupond-Smith makes for a great stay in Marais. With beautiful, non-smoking rooms that include LCD/plasma TVs, complimentary wireless internet, air conditioning and more, the Hotel Dupond-Smith is ready for you to join them in Marais. The hotel’s address is 2 rue des Guillemites, 4th – Le Marais, Paris, France, 75004.

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Check In to Hotel Magenta 38 by HappyCulture, Step Out to Eglise Saint Laurent

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Shopping & Things to do in the Marais District

The Marais is a wonderful and historic neighborhood and has lots of fantastic attractions available in the area to explore and, because of its location, it also makes for an ideal home base as it is close to many of the other major attractions in Paris. Here are just some of the great sights available to you in Marais, but be sure to step out on your own, as there are plenty of hidden gems to explore in the area!

  • The Places des Vosges: This is the oldest planned square in Paris and is still popular with both locals and tourists as it makes for a fantastic meeting place. With gorgeous, arched walkways, a central garden, and quaint shops, be sure to take a stroll through The Places des Vosges when you’re in the area.
  • The Temple du Marais: This beautiful, protestant church is located in Marais and was originally built as a Roman Catholic convent. Steeped in history, this church was founded in 1619 and is definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area.
  • Rue des Rosiers: This street is the most famous Jewish street in Marais and features synagogues, specialty bookstores, and delicious restaurants. If you’re looking for a fantastic, historically rich experience in Marais, then don’t skip the Rue des Rosiers.

Check In to Hotel Concorde Montparnasse, Step Out to Jean Moulin Museum

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Best Dining Options in the Marais Area

Marais is known for its amazing cuisine and the variety of its offerings. Whether you’re looking to experience a nearly 100-year-old restaurant in the heart of Marais, or something more contemporary, Marais has you covered. Marais is also known for its fantastic falafel offerings, so make a point to grab one or two when you’re out and about in the area. And be sure to get an early start because Marais is known for its amazing breakfast pastries and bread and, when you’re in Paris, you definitely should be loading up on the carbs as they have some of the best baked goods in the world. Get out and get eating at some of these remarkable locations in Marais!

  • Le Petit Marché: Located near the Place des Vosges, this bistro offers a variety of fusion-style dishes and, while it may not be cheap, the quality matches the price. If you’re looking for a special spot to grab a meal, then consider a stop at Le Petit Marché.
  • Máncora Cebicheria: If you love fresh, seafood dishes (specifically, ceviche), then look no further than Máncora Cebicheria. This excellent restaurant in Marais features gorgeous tapas, Peruvian beer, and a seemingly endless variety of ceviche. Leave room for dessert (the panna cotta is excellent).
  • L’As du Fallafel: If you’re looking for simple, delicious food, then L’As du Fallafel is just the place for you. Featuring shawarma, kebabs, and falafels, this restaurant makes for a quick bite to eat that’s easy on the pocketbook, but big on taste. When you’re out and about in Le Marais, be sure to stop by this restaurant for a bite to eat!

Check In to Hotel Du Plat d’Etain, Step Out to Musée des Arts et Métiers

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Lounges, bars & nightlife options near Marais

Marais has a fabulous and varied nightlife scene that caters to almost everyone. From cozy bars and cafés to clubs, LGBTQ establishments, and more, there’s so much to enjoy in Marais. Here are just a few of the top nightlife attractions in Marais to get you started, but don’t be afraid to explore this exciting neighborhood – you never know what fun you’ll find in Marais after the sun’s gone down for the day!

  • Lizard Lounge: With an urban feel, this bar has two levels, is highly influenced by American culture, and is a haunt for both locals and ex-pats. With delicious foods, great drinks, and friendly staff make sure to stop at the Lizard Lounge when you’re in the area.
  • La Perle: Almost always full, and definitely popular, La Perle is a great place to visit if you’re looking for delicious, inexpensive eats, great drinks, and fantastic nighttime atmosphere. Get ready to have a fantastic time at La Perle!
  • Le Sherry Butt: The feel at Le Sherry Butt is relaxed and classy, with its gorgeous décor, fantastic staff, and expertly created cocktails. If you want a delicious drink in Marais, then be sure to stop by Le Sherry Butt.

Check In to Best Western Hotel Ronceray Opera, Step Out to Musée Grévin

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Options for Transportation in the Marais District

Paris is wonderfully connected with both its metro and bus systems, as well as its regional train services. If you want to get around the city with ease, the best choice is often going to be by using public transit. While the metro can take you close to most of the major tourist sites in Paris, the bus can help get you closer to smaller sites, and both are easy to navigate.

Marais has access to Metro Line 1, through the Saint Paul Metro Station, however the Rambuteau Metro Station, the Chemin Vert Metro Station and the Sully-Morland Metro Station are located along the borders of the area, so there are plenty of options for metro in the area. When you’re in Marais, it is recommended, however, that you strike out on your own, if you are able to, and experience the area on foot. This is a beautiful neighborhood full of wonderful local treasures, fantastic shops, and delicious eateries and is best explored with your own two feet.

If you are planning on taking the bus in Paris then you can purchase a ticket from the driver, or ahead of time at convenience stores that sell cigarettes (called Tabacs). It’s recommended that you purchase your ticket ahead of time. Take your ticket and be sure to validate it at one of the machines that are located inside of the bus (there are small terminals that punch your tickets) and, when exiting the bus, be sure to leave from the rear doors as people enter from the front.

With both the bus and the metro, be sure to keep your validated ticket on you at all times, otherwise, you may be fined if you are caught without one! Also be aware that, during peak hours, public transportation methods get very busy and crowded. If you have an issue with crowds or just don’t like being in cramped spaces, then avoid taking public transit during peak hours. Sometimes, it might just be better and less stressful, to walk to your destination.

More Transportation Options Near the Marais Area

While Paris is a remarkably well-connected city, but you may reach a point where you don’t feel like taking public transit home. Don’t worry, because Paris has plenty of alternative options to taking public transit. If you are out and about in the city, hailing a taxi cab should not be a problem. Additionally, if you are looking for an easy way to get to the airport after your trip is over (or to your hotel when you arrive), then consider taking a taxi.

If you are interested in ride-sharing, then Paris also has plenty of competition available in the area. Whether you’re looking to take an Uber, or one of the local options, such as LeCab or SnapCar, there are a lot of ride-share options available around the city to get you to where you need to be.

If you are planning on getting out of the city, then you will likely be traveling on either the RER train (regional service) or on one of the high-speed rail trains that are available in Paris. Traveling by train is remarkable popular in Europe and is a great alternative to driving or taking a plane and, with many train stations all around the city, it’s easy to travel to the rest of Europe, or through the rest of France, from Paris.

When heading out for the day, remember that you can always ask your hotel’s concierge service which transportation methods would be best to get you where you need to go. Locals always have great advice about how to travel through their own cities, so don’t be afraid to engage a little and ask for some advice.

Paris is a wonderful city, and it’s also a great place to get a little lost in. Take a stroll along the Seine River, pop into a local eaterie and eat some food and wine with the locals, and just enjoy the beautiful city as you relax and enjoy your time in Paris.

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